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Teaching: Why It’s Not About Head Knowledge or Eloquence

When caring for orphans, it’s easy to think that the more you know, the better you are. If you could just learn everything about orphan care, about poverty alleviation, about starting a ministry…then you’d be the best. Although those competencies are good and right, they are not all there is. As you read this post by Dr. Kenneth Acha, reflect on your heart condition. Have you become a servant to those you are reaching out to?

When I was a young and relatively immature teacher, I used to think that teaching was mainly about knowing the most, making the best grades, and being able to communicate or explain things to others in the best possible way. Because I was an A+ student, I had a huge repertoire of knowledge. That’s when I learned the truth that “knowledge makes proud, but love builds up.Read More…

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