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Training, Sending, and Supporting Young People

We have the privilege of helping answer questions from many people who feel called into ministry either to serve orphans, pastor a church, do missions or serve in another capacity within a Christian ministry. Thousands of people come to our blogs each month–we believe sent by God–to find answers. God is using the years of experience he has given us in Christian ministry to help others whom he is calling to serve him as well. We are really excited about that!

Identifying, Equipping, Sending, and Supporting

In line with this, the calling we believe God has given our ministry is unique and exciting. Instead of trying to grow the size of our ministry, we believe God has called us to develop young leaders. Our focus is to identify, train, send, and support young leaders who have a calling in missions, pastoring, orphan care and poverty alleviation, or another Christian ministry area so that they can go and serve God wherever he is calling them.

This point is worth emphasizing: We are excited that our focus is to identify, disciple, train, send, and support young people. Send them where? Wherever God wants them to go. We don’t tell them where to go or ask them to serve as part of our organization. Our call is to invest in them, help them become mature competent leaders who know how to hear God well and serve him with excellence. Then they can go wherever God leads them. Our desire is to support and pray for them as a family when that happens.

Christian Ministry TrainingThe goal is to use our years of experience in Christian ministry to help others serve God better so that together we can raise the standards of Christian ministry effectiveness. The picture God has given us is to let others stand on our shoulders so that they can see farther and do more that we have been able to do. That will glorify God!

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Refining Diamonds

We believe God’s people are like diamonds in the rough that need someone to polish them so they can shine brighter and brighter. They are good seeds that need to be planted into a good soil where they can take root, grow, bloom, and bear fruit; where someone can water them and prune them so that they can bear more fruit. God uses other Christians to water and prune others. That is how he has always done it in the Bible and outside the Bible. And that’s how he does it today.

If you believe God is calling you to Christian ministry and you would like to get training, please apply for admission through Austin Bible Institute. This school offers scholarships to make training affordable to all students regardless of their ability to pay. If you know someone else who is called to serve God who might benefit from training, please pass on this information to them.

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  1. I have a friend in Pakistan who is a pastor with an Orphanage and School. He has recently lost his funding and is struggling to keep his children fed and taught. He would like to know how to start a Fun An Orphan Child Program in his country.

    • Suanne,
      Funding nonprofits and ministry is definitely hard. Does he have connections outside of Pakistan? I would assume that most of the funding would need to come from an outside source such as a church, a foundation, individuals, etc.

  2. Really moving,,,,
    Please pray so that I may develop a good setup regarding orphans,,,,
    It has been not so long as I have started my professional life,,,,
    I need guidance ,,,,how to stay to plan,,,what steps to be taken initially,,,
    How to work on resources

  3. I would love to start a ophernage centre in Africa . I have passion for caring about children epecially ophans who are denied of love and tender care by circumstances beyond their control. I possite God is calling me and I believe its my time to give my love and care to these children by providing them with basic human needs such as food , shlter ,clothing,love, education ,health and wellbeing.

    Therefore, I am kindly asking you to enlighten me on how to go about the whole process. Your assistance in every step forward in the achievement of my dream to cater for ophans is greatily appreciated and heartly welcome.

    • Hello Thelma! I am glad you are confident in your calling from the Lord to care for His precious children! We at ABI would love to help! We have multiple training programs that would help give you guidance in multiple aspects of orphan care. Have you already looked at our list of programs and applied?

    • Hi Thelma,

      I’m Sarah from Kenya. I have passion to help the needy children too. Did you manage to start an orphanage in Africa?

      If not then please get in touch because I have land where we can set up the institution and get things going.

      Many thanks,

  4. Hello everyone, my name is Teddy Mweka, originare from Congo DRC, based currently in South Africa. I really approaciate and enjoyed the vibe of the experience which is flowing over this web. I really thanks God for linking me here. The reason why I’m writing here, it because I wanna create an orphanage but I’m stuck and I need help.

  5. Hello my name is cinthya barrera , I have a huge compassion for opinas kids that are left behind . I want to help and start my own orphanage. I really want to help these kids and follow what god is calling me to do . Please help me how can I start and what should I do . Please guide me through this . I live in Oregon but my plan is to help these kids and babies that are in poor countries . Please tell me how can I start

    • Thank you, Cinthya, for your comment. It’s beautiful to hear your heart for children that are left behind and forgotten. We’d love to help guide you through this. ABI is an online training school that has many different programs and courses to teach you a variety of competencies that will equip you for excellent orphan care. Have you already applied? Here is the link to that:http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/links/application-form/

  6. Good afternoon, I would like to start and orphanage here in Bakersfield, but I need some help on this. How do I get started and where do I go to get started. I want to be able to be the voice for these children. I am tired of the world not helping lost, hurt, un wanted and un loved children. Please help me on this. Have a wonderful day.

    • Julissa,
      Thank you for your comment and questions. Austin Bible Institute has a wonderful course about starting a nonprofit, which most orphanages are. This introductory course is designed to be a first step in equipping students who feel called to serve orphans, start an orphan care organization or orphanage. They are taught how to discover and write their purpose, mission and vision statements, establish core values, develop strategies, set initial goals, write a business plan, select initial board members, choose a name for the organization and incorporate or register with their state government. You can find out more about this course here: http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/startanorphanage/
      I do want to say, however, that this course is only ONE course that will teach you ONE tool in orphan care. We believe that to effectively serve orphans, you must be well-equipped with many different tools. It’s similar to being a doctor – you can’t give everyone the same medicine, the same shot, or the same diagnosis for their illnesses. Different people will need different solutions and orphans are no different. There is a time and a place for orphanages, which is why we teach our students about them, but we do not give a blanket approval stating that orphanages are the first place to start caring for orphans.
      I encourage you to think, pray, and consider other options for orphan care beyond an orphanage…not excluding an orphanage, but pushing yourself a bit more to consider how else you can serve the lost, hurt, and unwanted children. Austin Bible Institute has many complete programs that include a variety of competencies we believe will equip you to serve with excellence. You can start a ministry/nonprofit that will provide sponsorship, donation, or discipleship to orphans and still apply ALL of the skills you’ll learn in the class mentioned above.

  7. I would like to open an orphanage home but I don’t know how to start pls. guide me were to start pls.

    • Josie,
      That’s a difficult question to answer. Opening an orphanage home is one thing; running it effectively is a whole different story. There is a difference between starting an organization or ministry vs. hiring the right people, selecting those you’ll serve, coming up with rules, laws, procedures, processes, funding, etc.
      At Austin Bible Institute, there are many program that train people how to care for orphans. We believe that an effective orphan care worker needs a variety of competencies, from spiritual maturity to counseling, fundraising to leadership skills. I would encourage you to check out the different programs to see if one fits what you’re interested in learning.check out the different programs

  8. Hello my name is Katlego Precious Nkopodi i’m from South Africa i was exposed to a valneruable childhood up-bringing from a tender age of 15.Ever since then i grew passion to have a foster home or an orphanage in future,so i’m currently ready to metarialise that dream.But i dont know how to go about and again i would wish to cater for girls only from birth to responsible 21 year olds,but i have limited resources and clear guidance on how to get funding and training.

    regards:Miss KP Nkopodi

  9. The ten year rebel war and especially the Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone claimed the lives of many people leaving greater number of school going children as orphans and women as widows. After studying the situation in selected ommunities, I have considered it fit to set up an orphanage to be assisting them to regain their hopes of better education and future.
    My concern now is to gain knowledge on how to setup such an organisation for it to be sustainable. Thanking you for any assistance in this direction. James

    • James,
      We have a wonderful course that will teach students how to start a non-profit, however we believe the best place for a child is with a family. Have you considered setting up an orphan care ministry with sponsorship programs that can help support local families within the country to take in orphans in their community? The course would still be very beneficial for that purpose…

    • I am trying to help my friend start an orphanage in Uganda Africa. We have a friend there, Pastor Harry Kahbugo, who is an African. He started the orphanage in October 2015. Right now we are trying to learn to become a registered orphanage in the U.S. so that we can legally and ethically conduct ourselves as an organization.

  10. hi my name is joe and am a malawian.in my town i see too much opharn kids and most of this kids have no soport and i feel bad about it i just feel that i could do something about it i try to help some of them but still i feel like am not doing anything. i do have much love for this kids but its too much job for me i cant do it alone i need your soport and adevice

  11. my name is Limbikani Melody from Lilongwe Malawi i feel God calling me to minister and support vulnerable,orphans,caregivers,widows,elderly in the community where i stay.But ineed guidance as well as funding.

  12. Hi,

    I wanyt to start orphanage in India(Andhrapradesh) for poor children and aged people,i want good guidance and funding also,so please guide me how to start and how to get funding.

  13. Hi,

    I want to start orphanage in india (Andhrapradesh) for poor childrens and aged people,but i want good guidance,and funding also,Can u please guide me,How to start,How to get funding.