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Questions for Johnny Carr?

On Thursday, May 21st, we are going to have the privilege of speaking with Johnny Carr, author of Orphan Justice and the first National Director of Church Partnerships at Bethany Christian Services, the largest adoption and orphan care agency in the United States. Johnny is going to Skype in with us from his home town of Pittsburg, Kansas and share about his orphan care experience, ministry work, and answer some questions that we hope will give guidance and wisdom to our audience.

Every Thursday evening from 6-8pm, Austin Bible Institute and Shaping Destiny partner together to hold a weekly prayer and worship time where people can come and stand in the gap on behalf of orphans, the lost, and poor people around the world. They call it The Bridge.

Sometimes the evenings consist of full-on prayer and worship before the Lord, contending for the needs of others. Sometimes the group has small Bible studies, where they build each other up and learn more about following after Jesus. And sometimes they have guest speakers who share, teach, or shed light on different areas surrounding disciplemaking and orphan care practices.

We are extremely excited to have Johnny Carr join us for a brief interview on May 21st! The attendees of The Bridge will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Johnny, but we don’t want to leave our wonderful online audience out! Not only will we be posting the full Skype conversation in an upcoming blog article, but we want to open up the opportunity now for any questions you may have that you’d like us to ask Johnny Carr during the interview.

Please submit your questions for Johnny Carr in the comment box below and be sure subscribe to our weekly updates sent straight to your inbox so you will be notified when the interview video and answers are posted later in the month!

Find out more about Johnny Carr.

Find out more about Johnny Carr’s book, Orphan Justice.

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  1. When there are so many Bible verses stating the importance of caring for orphans and widows, one verse even going as far as saying that “pure and true religion is caring for widows and orphans in their distress and keeping oneself unstained from the world”, why do you think that caring for orphans has been put on the back burner in many churches and in many Christians lives?

    • Amber,
      A good point! It’s an unfortunate truth that poor people and orphans have been so overlooked today…even in the Christian realm when we should be in the vanguard of the orphan care movement. Thank you for asking such an important question!

  2. I looked around on Johnny Carr’s Orphan Justice Ministry page that you shared with us and on one of his interview’s with Bill Blacquire (Bethany Christian Services, CEO) the discussion seems to be more about adoption, domestic and international but towards the end of the interview domestic foster care was brought up. I was curious to know how Johnny Carr feels about domestic adoption and foster care with a single parent? If that individual is financially well off and does not have too many kids of her own or other foster children and has all the means to meet the child’s need materially and spiritually would that be a safe and secure decision to place a child with that parent?

    • Danielle,
      That’s a really good question! I think it is a controversial topic as well. I’m interested to see what Johnny’s thoughts are on this issue. Thanks for your question!

  3. What are the challenges John faces when raising these kids?

    • Great question! Thanks for your submission!