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Post-Traumatic Growth

When it comes to caring for orphans and traumatized individuals, post-traumatic stress disorder will be a term you become very familiar with. PSTD is an anxiety disorder that is fueled by memories of an extremely stressful event that cause intense fear. This could be war, physical or sexual assault or abuse, an accident, or a mass disaster. Children can develop PTSD if the event happened to them personally, or if they witnessed it. This is very common to experience in orphan care because many of them have gone through a number of traumatic events. However, there is hope. If addressed appropriately, children can overcome these traumatic experiences and come out better and stronger than before.

“We know all about post-traumatic stress disorder. We hear about it often. The pain is deep, far-reaching, life-altering, and for some people, lasts a long time. Bad things are guaranteed to happen, even to good people. What do you do after a catastrophic event hits you?” Read More…

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