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Passion That Blinds

We all know what it feels like to be passionate. We are all passionate about something–whether it is something that matters or not.

As I have gotten to reflect about passion, I have discovered that passion is like a very vigorous horse that is both able to carry the rider to victory or to death with equal facility. Wisdom is the bridle that guides the horse of passion to victory. Fear of God, surrender and brokenness are the pipes that carry wisdom into the hearts of the discerning. I have learned that passion is like a rocket; it can propel you to victory or death. Having the rocket is easy. Anyone can have passion. It takes a wiseman to channel their passion toward something worthy of praise. The real key to success is learning how to use the rocket, not merely possessing it. Passion without wisdom destroys.



As I have observed in and around me, I have discovered that we celebrate passion, not the wisdom it takes to guide it to victory! That’s a sad thing.

Here are some of my further learnings:

  • Passion naturally blinds.
  • Passion is emotional.
  • Passion is a powerful force – It is the engine that drives our endeavors to success.
  • Passion has very self-centered tendencies.
  • Passion impedes clear thinking.
  • Passion makes us biased toward the thing we are passionate about.
  • Passion is dangerous without wisdom to guide it.
  • The most mature Christian is still a very self-centered person. We all are. That’s why we all need to be very careful with our motives and motivations.
  • Passion for a cause doesn’t constitute a call to the cause. For example, passion for orphans doesn’t constitute a call from God to serve orphans.
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Caring for orphans or serving the poor has a strong appeal in and of itself that is apart from the call of God on the individual. We see atheists sponsoring orphans, starting orphanages, and adopting children. We see christian cult members adopting, Catholic Christians adopting, non-catholic Christians adopting, mormons adopting, straight people are adopting and gay people are adopting, witches even adopt and serve orphans too. In a sense, the emotional stirrings and desire to reach out and help another human being who is suffering is encoded into all of our DNA. God wants all people to feel the pain of those hurting and to do something about it. How one goes about doing something is a matter of calling.

The passion or urge to serve orphans or to do something good doesn’t necessarily arise from God nor honors Him simply because of the apparent sacrifice involved in it. Many of us are sacrificing our lives on the altar of our human passions mistaking it to be the altar of God. The sacrifice involved in adoption or orphan care is like the sacrifice of childbirth. It’s painful but it has benefits to the parent that outweighs the pain. That’s why God-haters want families too. We live in a culture where orphan care and adoption (especially of a child from a different race) is like a feather on a person’s hat. Everyone can see it and most applaud it.

That’s what I have learned.

Tell us about your experiences with passion. What have you learned about passion?

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  1. I completely agree and appreciate the post! I believe that humility (which may fall underneath wisdom, because it is wise to stay humble. Haha) is also a huge part in stewarding your passion. We often think our ways are best and are unwilling to learn or receive advice from others but we often keep from failing or making AS MANY mistakes by learning from others mistakes and successes!

    • Danielle,
      So true! Humility is a huge part of being wise. If you don’t see yourself as you truly are, you will not see the need for wisdom/advice from others.