Hosting a Fundraising Event – What Management Systems Are Needed?

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So you’ve got a plan for your fundraising event, you see the vision, you know what winning looks like, and you are gathering a team of rock stars to help you get there. Now what? How do you put all these pieces together? How do you actually implement your plan? This is where some management systems come in.

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The 5 Conflict Resolution Styles or Modes

A few years ago, Dr. Kenneth Acha created a video lesson on the five conflict resolution styles for a conflict transformation course offered at Austin Bible Institute. It’s a great overview of the different styles or modes of handling conflict. When working with anyone – adults, children, family, community members, etc. – odds are you will run into some conflict. Part of being an effective orphan care worker is learning how to deal with conflict.

View the programs offered by Austin Bible Institute that include this course in their curriculum.

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The Ultimate Dream Killer

So, you have a dream? Perhaps to start an orphanage, an orphan care ministry, or foster a child? How do you protect that dream from the snares and weeds of this life? In this TED Talk, Barbara Sher shares what she thinks the ultimate dream killer is…

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Hosting a Fundraising Event – What Capabilities Are Needed?


If you’re following along in our Hosting a Fundraising Event series, we’re now entering into the last couple steps of strategy. Why is any of this important to you? Well, if you are attempting to start or run a non-profit, care for orphans, and advocate for those in need…fundraising is crucial to enabling your programs to continue and your ministry to grow.

By now, you’ve set your goaldetermined where you will set up, and considered how you will succeed. Now, you will be establishing what capabilities you’ll need for this event.

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The One Thing I Want to Teach My Kids Before I Die

When it comes to raising and working with children, it’s important to think about priorities. None of us are going to live forever and what we teach our children (biological or not) will leave a lasting legacy. In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about one thing he would teach his children before he dies.

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Teaching Your Children Respect

Training up a child is hard work and takes a lot of planning, praying, and intentionality. It may be easy to teach children when or how to do something tangible like chores, school work, or self-care. But what about some of the more internal skills like honesty, gratitude, or respect? In this blog post, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about teaching children respect and some key secrets that will help you along the way.

What does it mean to show respect?  Who is worthy of respect?  And how does a child learn to show it?

As parents, we want our children to learn our values.  Sometimes we struggle to figure out how, exactly, to do that. 

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Hosting a Fundraising Event – How Will You Succeed?


Now we’re at the 3rd step in the strategy planning of the fundraising event you’re hosting. So far we’ve covered:

  1. Determining the goal of your event
  2. Planning where you will “step up” or “play”
  3. Now, we’re going to talk about how to succeed or “win” in the area you have chosen to set up
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