How One Family is Making a Difference in South Korea

This post is written by Stephanie Eitzen. Stephanie is one of my students who has a huge heart for orphans. Stephanie came to Austin Bible Institute about two years ago. Since then, God has done some amazing work in her life and is using her to bless others in tremendous ways.

This is the story of Pastor Lee of Jesus-Loving Union Church in South Korea. He has been a believer for 35 years and has recently begun getting international attention for the “Baby Box” ministry he has been running since 2009.

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Why all are welcome into my “start an orphanage” course

Start an OrphanageThere have been some questions about why I don’t have any requirements for people taking my “start an orphanage” course. The following is my reason.

When Jesus saw potential disciples who were strangers, he would tell them, “come follow me” ( Matt. 4:18-22; Mark 10:17-21). Jesus had no educational requirements or even a clearly stated type of work experience you had to have to be his disciple. He invited people from all walks of life to follow him. The invitation was to come and learn, not to come and be an apostle–the people Jesus hand-picked as qualified to lead his church. At some point, Jesus had thousands of disciples. The invitation to come and learn–disciple means student, pupil, follower etc–did not mean that Jesus was certifying them as ready for ministry as a missionary (apostles are missionaries). No, after training his disciples for years, he finally selected 12 people whom he called apostles. Those were the qualified ones. It was to them (the remaining eleven apostles) that he gave the great commission in Matthew 28:18-20, not to the thousands who had followed him before.

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Priorities in Response to Orphan Need, CAFO

The Christian Alliance for Orphans has an excellent document that I encourage every Orphan Care advocate to read. In case you are wondering what I feel about the content of the document, I fully agree with the spirit and letter of the article and think it would be very helpful to every student of orphan care.

Below, I show a section of the document. You will do well to read the entire document.

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The Campaign to Empty Orphanages in Rwanda

Watch the following videos from the work of Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback. After doing so, answer the following questions.

Question 1: Do you agree with his approach of emptying orphanages in Rwanda? If yes why? If no, why?

Question 2: What are the pros and cons that you see in the approach he is taking?

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Let us expose your amazing orphan care work on our blog

One of the reasons why I created was to talk about the great work that God is doing around the world in the area of orphan care. Every month, I will like to talk about a couple of organizations that God is using and how He is using them so that we can all learn and praise God as well. We have thousands of people coming to our sites every month who will benefit from what God is doing through you. That will also help you to get the word out to potential partners or supporters. We will put links to your website in the post that talk about your work.

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CAFO 2015 Summit

CAFO 2015 Submit

God willing, my team and I will be attending the CAFO 2015 summit. This will take place from April 30 to May 1 in Nashville, TN. I recommend this conference to people in the area of orphan care who can afford to attend. I think meeting together and learning from other people in the field is a great way to open our minds.

If you are a fan of this blog who will be attending, please let me know. We would love to connect with you and know what God is doing in your work and ministry.

To check out details about the conference, please visit the CAFO 2015 submit page here >>

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Why I think it’s Good to Teach People How to “Start an Orphanage”

There is a healthy debate going on now about whether people ought to be taught how to start orphanages or not. On the Orphan Care Movement blog, this discussion was ignited by a post I wrote a few days ago advertising a course in which I teach people how to start an orphanage. Some argue that all orphanages need to be closed. Others argue that there is a role for orphanages. In this video podcast, I answer a question from a dear sister in Christ, Jessica, who is laboring right now in Africa doing the Lord’s work. Jessica had some concerns about the wisdom of teaching people how to “start an orphanage”. I think my response could benefit others interested in these matters.

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