Free CAFO Webinar July 22nd

Attention friends! There is an upcoming free webinar give by CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans) this Wednesday, July 22nd at 2pm EST!


A growing number of organizations are pioneering new models that transition children from orphanages into family-based care. Join them for a live discussion between three of these innovators and CAFO President Jedd Medefind.

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Why Vulnerability is Important

Regardless of the situation or relationship you’re encountering, vulnerability is key to connecting and communicating. It is especially important when dealing with children who have come from a hard background; who are emotionally damaged and scarred. In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha shares a TED Talk video by Brené Brown that really helps us understand the power of vulnerability. The following quote is from her video.

“About six weeks into this [connection] research — I ran into this unnamed thing that absolutely unraveled connection in a way that I didn’t understand or had never seen. And so I pulled back out of the research and thought, I need to figure out what this is. And it turned out to be shame. And shame is really easily understood as the fear of disconnection: Is there something about me that, if other people know it or see it, that I won’t be worthy of connection?

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What is the Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make?

Working with orphans automatically puts you in a leadership position over them and their lives. Growing in leadership abilities is greatly important when desiring to influence the lives of orphans. This blog post is written by Dr. Kenneth Acha as he shares an interview from Harvard Business Review about leadership mistakes.

Today, I stumbled on a video from Harvard Business Review (HBR) titled, “The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make.” In this video, HBR interviews several leading leadership experts asking them, “What is the biggest mistake a leader can make?” Here are their responses: Read more >

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Learn From Someone Who’s Doing It!

Today I had the privilege of interviewing a wonderful woman we met at the recent CAFO Summit held in Nashville, TN who is the founder of an organization that does work in Uganda.

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Interview with Johnny Carr

Last Thursday evening Austin Bible Institute students and attendees of The Bridge prayer group had the wonderful opportunity to interview Johnny Carr, author of Orphan Justice, and ask him some questions about his ministry work and orphan care experience. 

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