Whose Dream am I Trying to Fulfill?

Before you or I start an orphanage, it’s important to ask and answer this question:

Whose dream am I trying to fulfill?

Is it my dream or the orphans dream? That is,  is it my dream to start an orphanage or is it the orphans dream that an orphanage be started? Do I have a dream to start an orphanage or do the orphans have a dream to live in an orphanage? Whose dream am I working to fulfill? Is it my dream or their dream. This question is important to answer.

Dream of living in an orphanage

Photo: Children at the Shaping Destiny Orphanage in Cameroon. I (Kenneth Acha) founded this orphanage in 2005. We graduated our first group of orphans in February 2014 and have shifted our model of orphan care due to new research findings. We still maintain the orphanage but over the last three years have  intentionally gone from 85 children in the orphanage to less than ten children right now. Our focus now is to put children in local homes. That is extremely more effective and also cheaper to do. It costs 10 times more to put a child in our orphanage than with a loving local family.

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Purpose vs. Calling

What is the difference between purpose and calling?

We are products. God is our producer.

We were created for a purpose. To accomplish that purpose, God gives us a means. The purpose is to Glorify God and the means is our calling. Purpose is more important than calling but you cannot achieve your purpose without your calling.

Calling is the road you take to get to purpose. Purpose is the destination. In Christ, we all have the same destination but uniquely different roads to get to this destination.

One team, one owner, one coach, one goal. That goal is to win the game and make their coach and owner proud and bring them glory. But different players with different roles or callings on the field.

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Where should you start your ministry?

Start where you can win by paying a price that you can afford and are happy to pay.

Where Should YouStart where the conditions are favorable, not where the needs are greatest.
If God hasn’t given you a specific place where he wants you to start your ministry, then my advice is to start where the conditions are favorable (where you have the support that will help you thrive), not simply where the needs are the greatest. When a ministry starts, it’s like a seedling. If you put it in a climate where the weather is too harsh, the winds are too strong, there is too much drought, it will die. But if you put it in a place where the weather is favorable, it will grow, put its tap root into the ground and spread its leaves. Later, if the storm comes and the droughts come, it would not die so quickly because it has a tap root and a strong stem. Later, the seeds from this tree can then spread to other tougher places and have a higher chance of succeeding because that one seed has become hundreds, if not thousands of seeds.

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Emotional First Aid

Many times, we focus too much on physical first aid and health but pay almost no attention to emotional health or first aid. Many of the orphans or vulnerable children you will serve have encountered serious emotional injuries such as depression, abandonment, isolation, etc. Watch this great TED Talk about emotional first aid!

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Beware of Adoption Scams

It’ terrible to think that people could take something as beautiful as adoption and turn it into something so devious and deceptive. But that is an unfortunate trend that is appearing across the U.S. In this CNN report, hear the story of Mata, a young girl who is adopted by a loving family in Ohio only to have them discover a hidden secret about Mata’s biological family. Whether you’re pursuing adoption, run an orphanage that is open to adoption, or educating yourself on effective orphan care, please beware of these types of scams that are not unique.

“The 7-year-old girl, dressed in bright pink and holding one of her favorite stuffed animals, sees her mother for the first time in nearly a year. A brilliant smile spreads across Namata’s face, punctuating her excitement.

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People Are Motivated By Vision, Not Need

Whether you’re trying to encouarage people to join your orphan care ministry, train up and inspire new leaders, or fundraise and appeal for donation, this blog will help set you off in the right direction! Many times, people try to persuade others to do something through inadvertent guilt trips. But this is not the way to go! In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about how much more effective talking about vision is than talking about needs.

“Vision motivates and inspires people. Needs depress and turn off people. A great vision inspires people and moves them to desire to come on board and help accomplish the vision. I advise leaders not to focus on the needs they need help to solve but on the better future that the help will provide. That better future is the vision.” Read More…

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