The Curse of Wisdom

You’ve heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for.” Many times, people desire good, wonderful things without every considering the responsibility that accompanies them. We may wish for more money, but with that comes the potential for greed, wasteful spending, or exploitation from others. We may wish for a huge, growing ministry, but with that comes the potential of being in the public eye, openly criticized, or overwhelmed with stress. The same is true for the amazing gift of wisdom. We should be aware of everything else it may bring us.

A lot of people desire to be wise and discerning. Many of us want to have the kind of wisdom that enables us to see things ahead of our time; to discern what will happen when everybody else cannot yet see it.

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Why I Work Harder to Please People Now

When it comes to poverty alleviation, orphan care, or international missions you are going to have to deal with a lot of heavy truth. Sometimes, our passion drives us to spurt out the hard truth with such force that it can actually do more harm then good. In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about marrying the truth with love and how caring for other’s feelings is key in proper communication.

“When I was younger, just a few years ago, I used to be brash and “tell it like it is”. All I cared about was the truth as I saw it. I didn’t care about the impact my words would have on the listener. If you felt bad about it, too bad. Go deal with it.” Read More…

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Post-Traumatic Growth

When it comes to caring for orphans and traumatized individuals, post-traumatic stress disorder will be a term you become very familiar with. PSTD is an anxiety disorder that is fueled by memories of an extremely stressful event that cause intense fear. This could be war, physical or sexual assault or abuse, an accident, or a mass disaster. Children can develop PTSD if the event happened to them personally, or if they witnessed it. This is very common to experience in orphan care because many of them have gone through a number of traumatic events. However, there is hope. If addressed appropriately, children can overcome these traumatic experiences and come out better and stronger than before.

“We know all about post-traumatic stress disorder. We hear about it often. The pain is deep, far-reaching, life-altering, and for some people, lasts a long time. Bad things are guaranteed to happen, even to good people. What do you do after a catastrophic event hits you?” Read More…

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Treat People Differently in Order to Treat Them Fairly

You can’t treat all people, whether adults or children, exactly the same. In regards to orphan care, each child is unique and has their own gifts, background, and trigger points. Rather than trying to treat everyone the same, you should see them as individuals and treat them as such.

“A lot of people face this challenge. Whether it is within a family, among friends, within a church or synagogue, place of business, we work with others. Very often, one is tempted to think that to treat people fairly, we need to treat everyone the same.” Read More…

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Newsletter #006 – Passion: From the Inside Out

Passion is the engine that drives our lives. Without passion, life will inevitably become boring. Without it, we can’t accomplish anything. This week I want us to remind ourselves of some important truths about passion and learn how to rekindle our passion.

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Great Tools For Bible Study

Have you ever wondered what tools you need to have in your Bible study arsenal so that you can study God’s word effectively? This new year, I would like to share with you tools recommended by Austin Bible Institute to do just that.

Until I started seminary school, I did not know that there were plenty of great practical Bible Study Tools available to help every believer study God’s word better and dig deeper. For example, in the past, if we wanted to study the Bible in the original languages, we needed to go to seminary school and spend years learning Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Today, these languages are still great to know. However, you can effectively study the Bible for yourself and use these languages to understand the Bible without learning a single word in any of the languages. Today’s technology, years of research, and the hard work of many Bible experts who have gone before us have culminated into great resources that make studying the Bible so much easier.

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Leaders Give First and Go First

In this post, Dr. Acha shares from his personal struggles and triumphs as a leader. While he was still in medical school, he started a nonprofit orphan care ministry and it was incredible difficult! He need finances to help push projects forward, but he was a struggling college student and so was everyone he knew! But then he decided to do something so scary, so challenging, but yet so inspiring…he gave first! And it opened up a stream of others seeing his sacrifice and joining in on the cause.


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