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Our Level of Confidence in a Diagnosis Correlates Poorly with its Accuracy

In the Western world, the concept of confidence is highly stressed. Children are told to be confident in themselves…adults are taught that confidence is the key to opening doors whether in a career or a relationship. While confidence can be a great tool, it can also be great hindrance. In this post, Dr. Acha shares the importance of a little healthy self-doubt and how pausing to confirm your conclusion can help avoid a lot of pain.

In the patient-physician relationship, the physician, as the leader, is supposed to guide the team to victory. Acting too fast, failing to exercise self-doubt, acting like we know a diagnosis are also the greatest mistakes we can make as we seek to guide the patient-physician team towards diagnosing and treating disease. Scientific research has shown that “our level of confidence in a diagnosis correlates poorly with its accuracy.” Read More…

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