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One Book Experts

One book expertsDo you remember the young man who read a book on missions and afterwards felt deeply moved, completely qualified, and ready to dive into the adventure of overseas missions? Do you remember the young woman who read a book on adoption and orphan care and watched a few YouTube videos and was overtaken by emotion as she ran up and down, from family to family member, friend to friend, and church to church raising money to go give her life to God serving orphans in Africa?

These young people are my family. I am one of them. Exactly like them.

A spurt of inspiration here,

A wisp of knowledge there,

An ounce of insight here,

And we are ready to go. How I wish we were different. That wisdom was also a member of our family.

I call my family, the one book family. We are one book experts. All it takes for us to declare ourselves as experts in a field is to read just one book on the subject.

Are you a member of my family?

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  1. I am most definitely a part of this family. I would see videos of orphanages, read stories about different things that have happened to families over seas, and so on. If I followed every whim of my heart I would be involved in so many ministries. When I see a need, I have such a desire to help fill that need. Volunteering and getting training on something that I may or may not be passionate for has definitely helped me in defining where my true passions lie.

  2. Each time i read something published on Orphan care site i get moved and wonder what it is that i could do as a person to help someone out there who currently is in need. In my country Zambia, the situation with teenage pregnancy leading to a lot of young girls dropping out of school and opt for marriage. Some of them is out of their own will whereas others it is something beyond their control. Gender Based violence is alos on the increase and is daily reported in our tabloids with mostly females being culprits. Rape cases where young girls as young as two years old are victims. Some of these victims are being assited in one way or the other, but the majority really need a shoulder to cry and lean on. They are as helplesss as one could imagine. Thes are the ones i’m concerned about. Those found in the remotest parts of our country are the most vulnarable because they have no access to justice or even information and proper medical care. What could one do in such a situation??

    • Mildred,
      My heart breaks as I read your words and image in the horror going on all over the world that seems so foreign to us here in the States. I praise God that there are people like you who live right there in that country who care about these young children and victims! The first thing you can do is to pray for them everyday! God is a God who saves! God is mighty and just and He has all things in His control! Our prayers change things, so go before the Lord, sister!

      Then, if you feel moved to do something else, I would look for other organizations or programs in Zambia who are trying to take care of these poor victims. You should try to partner with a group already doing the work, as starting on your own would be very hard without the proper training. There is, however, one school who can help teach you how to care for orphans in your country! http://www.austinbibleinstitute.com can give you more information about the classes they offer and online programs you can enroll in.

      I’ll be praying for you, sister. Every week I hold prayer meetings for orphans and the poor around the world. I will make sure we lift you up and the people in Zambia who need God’s help.