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New Blog Series – Hosting a Fundraising Event

Hosting a Fundraising Event

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog site, you must have a heart for orphans. Maybe you just came back from a short term trip that changed your life and you don’t know what to do with this new-found passion. Perhaps you have a dream of starting an orphan care ministry, nonprofit, or center. Or you could just want to find out more about what it takes to help needy children. Wherever you are in this process, whatever your dream is, we want to help equip you and teach you from our own experience or the experience of other ministries who are actively caring for orphans.

A common question we get is how do I fund my ministry? While most nonprofits run on generous donations from individuals or businesses, many people don’t know how to host a fundraising event that can draw in these donors. Fundraising is complex part of the nonprofit sector, but holding annual events can be a great and easy way to get your feet wet in this area.

We’re about to start a blog series, Hosting a Fundraising Event, that teaches basic tips for hosting fundraisers, benefits, and fundraising events. We’ll use practical examples of how one orphan care nonprofit is getting it done…right now!

This blog series will follow Shaping Destiny, a orphan care nonprofit ministry that cares for orphans in Cameroon, Africa. They are gearing up for their 3rd annual Ultimate Frisbee for the Fatherless fundraising and advocating event this August that has raised thousands of dollars in the past years and brought out over 100 people in support. Through these tips and examples, we hope you will learn and be empowered to go and host your own fundraising event. You will be able to ask questions, leave comments, and even participate in the Frisbee for the Fatherless event if you’re located in the Austin, TX area and want to get hands-on exposure for yourself.

Stay tuned for this blog series that will start Monday, May 29th and continue every couple weeks over the next few months. Come and learn, ask questions, and be inspired!

This post is written by Stephanie Eitzen, a staff member at Shaping Destiny who is heavily involved in fundraising and advocating on behalf of the orphans and families they serve.
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