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Never Start a Ministry Without a Minister

Isn’t it exciting when you or your staff members come up with great new ideas to implement within your organization? Ideas are flowing, dreams are growing, and people are excited for all the great benefits that can come if the plans turn out successful! However, sometimes these projects don’t end up doing any good at all. In fact, within months things can appear as if the brilliant idea never existed at all. In this post by Dr. Kenneth Acha, he shares some of his own struggles in this area and gives practical guidance for how to avoid wasting your time for nothing.

Disappointment City

In the last 8 years of serving orphans, I have tried to start new projects (ministries) that I thought would improve the lives of  the orphans we serve and miserably failed several times. All of them were good things and since I grew up in poverty and knew that these things would benefit the kids, I thought that all the staff would rally around them and they would work. I was always praying about them that they should work, but they did not. Why did I fail? I started ministries without a minister! That is a terrible idea! Read more about this important lesson.

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  1. Great article for direction to effectively bring life to a vision. Blessed

    • Roanna,
      Thank you! We’re honored to be able to bless and teach you through the wisdom God has granted us.

  2. Great article for direction in effectively bringing life to a vision. Blessed

  3. I am so blessed by your post, i have an orphanage in Africa it seems everything i do fail. now i am able to understand why everything seems that way. really thanks for the advice.

    • Isha,
      I am sorry to hear that things are difficult for you, my friend! When you give your whole self to a cause, it can be quite draining. Please be encouraged that God sees your work and efforts and even if nothing comes from it in this lifetime, there is another life in which rewards are waiting for you!