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Let us expose your amazing orphan care work on our blog

One of the reasons why I created OrphanCareMovement.org was to talk about the great work that God is doing around the world in the area of orphan care. Every month, I will like to talk about a couple of organizations that God is using and how He is using them so that we can all learn and praise God as well. We have thousands of people coming to our sites every month who will benefit from what God is doing through you. That will also help you to get the word out to potential partners or supporters. We will put links to your website in the post that talk about your work.

We may do a Skype or Google hangout discussion that is recorded as a video podcast, do an audio podcast, or write an article about your work after interviewing you. This would not be a plea for funding. However, when people go to your website, of course, it would be wonderful if they give to support your cause.

If you are doing work that you think is great in the area of orphan care or know someone who is, please tell us about your work briefly in the comment section below. Also tell us how to contact you. Every month, we will select people or organizations that we agree are doing great work and talk about them. Please not that we will not be able to investigate or interview every organization. We will do our best with the resources we have.

Tell us about your work below!

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  1. Introduction: Charity and Care Foundation is a non-profit organization for orphans and vulnerable children, its a registered home with the Ministry of Heath and Social Services in Namibia-Africa. This organization started 11 years ago to uplift the quality of life of orphans by creating a home environment, to empower children of school going age by providing educational and skills training and also to contribute to the health status of children by providing nutrition and anti-retroviral access to preventive and curative health services. Children deserve love, care and protection. The organization face a lot of challenges in terms of funds as the number of orphans coming in is increasing day by day and currently we are feeding and taking care of more than 200 orphaned children in a small shack, we have a piece of land where we plan to build a children’s home (orphanage) we are praying for good Samaritans to help us build. Please visit our website for more information and our contact cell number is +264 812510709, our email is above. May God bless you all. Thank you. Director Beatrice Shilongo.

    • Thank you Beatrice!
      We’re working on a blog post about your ministry! Thank you for contacting us further to express your heart and history as well as share more about the work you are doing in Africa. May God bless you!

  2. I m a small business man in Liberia from India,I have land and space for orphanage home for old people,but I don’t have money in my heart I have dreame for old people orphanage home.
    I like some one help me to carry on this great job.

    • Thanks Haresh,
      We are actually looking for established ministries that have been doing ministry for some time and have born fruit that we can see. Thanks for letting us know your situation.