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Learn What it Takes to Start an Orphanage in Only 8 Weeks

Start an Orphanage

Thousands of people like you come to our website each month with one question: “How do I start an orphanage?” Up until now, it’s been difficult for us to answer this question because starting an orphanage is not something you can teach in one article or phone conversation. It’s way more complicated than that.

Now, that difficulty is solved. In collaboration with Austin Bible Institute, Dr. Kenneth Acha is teaching an eight-week introductory course on how to start an orphanage. In this course, he teaches you how to go from your dream to successfully launching your own orphanage. He also introduces you to other essential courses at Austin Bible Institute that you can take to further prepare yourself to achieve your goal of running an orphanage or orphan care organization effectively. The journey to effective orphan care is not easy and you would take a lot more training beyond this course to be effective. However, this course lays a great foundation and gets you started on the journey of learning and growing into an effective and safe orphan care worker and advocate.

Click here to see the course page >>

This amazing course is offered about once a year.  Spots are limited, so register as soon as you can if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Dr. Kenneth has also arranged with Austin Bible Institute to offer a $100 scholarship to each of the first 5 students who register each year and cite this article.

** This course is offered online. You don’t need to move to Austin to take it.

Click here to see the course page >>

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  1. All I can find is training in how to start an orphanage is for 2015. Is the 8 week course still available in 2016. What are the start dates for all of the classes for 2016. What is the cost for it and once finished is there a certification given or is this just an introductory class? Are there scholarships? Thank you

    • Greg,

      The Starting an Orphanage course (also called Starting a Non-Profit or Starting an Orphan Care Ministry) was first offered as a stand-alone course in 2015, but it is still available and is typically offered a few times a year. It has already started this week and so it’s too late for new students to be admitted into that offering, but it is very possible we would offer it again later in the year. As the course page says, it follows the typical tuition and fees schedule ($155 per credit hour) which brings the tuition total to approximately $465, not counting other fees or materials. It is just one course in a program, so students would not get a certificate unless they completed the entire program.
      Unfortunately, Austin Bible Institute does not offer scholarships for non-traditional students, ie. students not enrolled in an entire program.

  2. I want to work with orphanage how did i go about it

  3. Dear Dr Acha, I really appreciate the work you are doing in helping people gain skills to start up orphanages. May God continue to bless you all. My name is Beatrice Shilongo am a Director and Founder of Charity and Care Foundation an organization for orphans and vulnerable children, I started the orphanage 11 years ago from my own concern and to help children who suffered after losing a parent or both parents. Its a very tough work but all can go well if you really want to help children. I have trained mothers who are now care givers . I love my work and would like to study further and become an advocate…how do I register with ABI? I am in Namibia-Africa and please feel free to visit our website. Thank you, waiting for a reply.

  4. I am now at peace i mean i love this the fact that there is going to be a training i must say all those in this line of dream shall appreciate the ideas you have come up with. I my self is A GOSPEL ARTIST SINGER currently started and yet to make an album and this is my calling and would want to integrate it to my Orphanage when opened how do i work this , and above all how do i register for this upcoming amazing course?

  5. Interesting to know that the course can be done online.

    I do have a question and that is “how should I deal with objectors such as Hope and Homes for Children?” http://www.hopeandhomes.co.uk/ and websites like http://orphanages.no/

    I would not want these people to campaign to close me down just as I get going. In your experience, how do I deal with them?

    • Hello Alan,
      Those organizations have a point. We have other courses at Austin Bible Institute(ABI) that focus on equipping people in alternatives to orphanages. In these courses, we emphasize that orphanages are NOT the first option for caring for orphans. Putting children in families is. Having said that, we know that there is a role for the orphanage. By that, I don’t mean the traditional orphanage. There are many more effective models of orphanages now.

      In the course, “Starting an Orphanage”, we equip students on how to start a nonprofit that cares for orphans in general. One of them simply happens to be one that cares for children in an orphanage setting.

      I think you should not be afraid of organizations like the ones you have cited as long as you plan to run your orphanage as a home, not an institution. In our Effective Orphan Care II course at ABI, we teach things such as the ideal ratio of children to staff and much more. There is a popular American teenager who adopted 12 Ugandan girls as her children. That’s essentially an orphanage even though it was run as a home with 12 orphans and one “mother”.

      The goal should be humane, home-like, conditions. The kind of life that you would be proud to have your own child live in.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      • Thank you for that answer. One other question that gets asked of someone wanting to start an orphanage in Africa is …… society and governments closed just about all orphanages in Europe and America about 30 to 40 years ago, how can I support setting up and supporting a system in an African country that we don’t use at home?

  6. pls. pray for m that i might receive help and favour of God and men to start my passion and mission on earth – orphanage home worldwide.

  7. Pls pray for my organization n all of my church n all orphanage children