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It’s Hard to Have Faith if You Don’t Do This One Key Thing

After preaching today’s Sunday sermon, our pastor invited people to come to the front and pray for God to give them a burden for lost people in our city. This is something I’ve been seeking for some years now. Ordinarily, I would have gone to the front. But somehow, I didn’t today. Instead, I chose to pray right where I was sitting. As I was praying, I believe God said this to me:


“It’s hard to have faith if you don’t see things as they truly are.”

There was a deep joy in my heart when I had that impression. I started praying and asking God, “Lord, teach me to see things as they truly are.” I had a great time praying after I received that word.

I think this word applies to many areas of life. True faith is built on knowledge of the truth, it’s not built on sand; it’s not built in the air. When we know the truth of any situation, that opens the doorway for true faith.

When it comes to souls, the truth is that God is able to save and wants to save. The truth is that prayer is how God has chosen to save people. The truth is that prayers cause things to happen that would not otherwise happen if we didn’t pray. The truth is also that sinners can’t come to God without God drawing them in response to someone’s prayers. The great man of faith, George Muller, prayed for 52 years for 5 individuals to come to faith. They all did, the last two soon after he died. He believed that if he prayed for souls, God would save them because it was his will to save souls.

When it comes to orphan care, it’s also hard to have faith if you don’t see things as they truly are. We all need to pray for God to open our eyes to see the issue of orphans and their care as it truly is. It’s possible to see the situation of orphans and the needs of orphans in a way that doesn’t match reality as God sees it.

Father, help me and my brothers and sisters to see things as they truly are. Help us to see things through the eyes of your glory, not our selves and our passions and desires. Work in us and through us to do your will.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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  1. These messages are building me each time i read. i’ve discovered that what i thought iwas , i’m not and a lot thati did not know about orphan care i’m now learning. This time around, i want to see things and situations as they really are through prayer and fasting. Trully the Lord we serve requires a contrite and humble heart if He is to use someone. it is my sincere prayer for the good Lord to use me in the way he desires Himself not the way i want it myself. I pray thet throgh this net work i hope to grow spiritually and and my faith to grow too.
    May God richly bless you and the team.

    • Thank you Mildred. We thank God for using these articles to bless you.

  2. I agree, knowledge of truth is key to faith. Not only in knowing that God is able to save and wants to save, and will save; which this truth has given me confidence when reaching out to the poor knowing that I play such a small part in their soul being saved, that it is God’s work and it is His will and wants that make it happen, but I have also found this to be true in my spiritual walk. The more I come to know God’s true character and have these truths engraved in my heart and mind the more faith I have. It’s rewarding to know the truth.

    • Thanks Danielle!

  3. This really helped me as I have been praying for a burden for the lost as well. I used to not think of them at all, but as I have been asking God to move my heart, I have seen a change inside me. One of the biggest triggers for this has been the intentional meditation I have put towards the current condition of lost people. They are not okay! They are not living good happy lives where everything is just fine and life is good. Even the riches, most popular people are miserable inside. We are all dying and broken and wasting away without Jesus. When I take time to see the lost as they really are, I can’t help but have compassion on their helplessness and beg for God to do something to deliver them…starting with me!

    • Thanks Stephannie. I love what God is doing in your heart!