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Orphanages: Are They All They Seem?

At Austin Bible Institute, we are passionate about multiple things: we love equipping Christians for whatever ministry work the Lord is calling them to; we enjoy teaching others about the Word and the Lord; and we find great honor in sharing and teaching others about best practices for orphan care and poverty alleviation.

Below is a great video created by Amanda Thorsteinsson, a writer, photographer, and world traveler, who shares her perspective on orphanages in Africa after spending over a year volunteering in Uganda. Many of the things Amanda talks about are very much aligned with the best practices we teach students enrolled in our Christian Ministry to Orphans and Vulnerable Children certificate and degree programs.

After listening to Amanda’s thoughts, comment below to share your own perspective, questions, or comments. We’d love to hear them!

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  1. Blessings! I appreciated the video and thought that most of what was shared is true. When I think about the many children who are orphans the problem seems to be so much bigger. My hope is that all orphans get to have a family and a safe place to grow up in receiving all the care and love a child with loving parents would. I know the Lord hears our prayers and see our hearts to help orphans all around the world. I know that He will give us the strategies and ideas to do this right for the people He has called us to care for.

    • Carolina,
      We absolutely agree with what you said! I thought this video was well done to present thought-provoking ideas and conversation about the best place for children to be cared for. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well 🙂