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How to Work for God

When you serve orphans, you are serving God. When you are working for orphans, you are working for God. In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha give us some tips on how to work for God in a way that enable us to be living sacrifices, pleasing and acceptable to Him.

One of the greatest privileges that God’s grace gives us is the opportunity to be God’s children. But being God’s children is quite different from being God’s employees. Being God’s workmen is a totally different privilege all together. The word work in Hebrew is the same word used for worship. Working for God is an act of worship. And God doesn’t accept just any type of worship. That’s why Jesus said that God is looking for people who worship him in spirit and in truth. Read More >

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  1. the teaching has inspired me so much.have learn t how to Focus on Gods will and so many in this class of How to work for God and,Huddle up with God.thanks a lot and God bless u.

    • We are so happy to know that our blog posts are blessing you! Praise God that He uses us to help His children.