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How to Be Like Jesus

Everyday we have the chance to be Jesus to the world around us. If we humble ourselves, deny ourselves, and refuse to think of ourselves first…we are on the right track to being more like Jesus. In this post Shannon Cockrell, an instructor at Austin Bible Institute, discusses how serving others makes us more like Christ.



We are most like Christ when we are SERVING others.  Serving others is the last thing on the minds of this “me-first” generation.  We are always looking for people to serve us and our needs.  How can you and I have more influence for Christ in this world? Christ, the Lord of all, came into this world to SERVE.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Jesus didn’t come to be friends with people and rulers, He did not come to be liked.  He came to SERVE.  The first thing we must have in order to be good servants is HUMILITY.  We need to learn to GET OVER OURSELVES. Read More…

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