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Hosting a Fundraising Event – Where Will You Set Up?


If you’re following this blog series, we’re at step 2 in how to host a fundraising event: Where will you set up? This question of strategy guides you to determine the details of your event – both what you will and what you won’t do.

It’s so important to know your target audience, determine the best time of the year to hold your event, and determine what the event will be that appeals to the demographics and interest. For example, if you were planning to hold an event in the middle city, you wouldn’t want to host an athletic event or something that requires a lot of open space. If your target audience was men, it wouldn’t make sense for you to hold a fashion show benefit.

Determining where you will set up is more than just physical location though. It involves other aspects such as:

  • What type of event?
  • Location?
  • What people group or demographics are you targeting?
  • What date and time?
  • What or who is your potential competition? (Are their other similar events being held at the same time of year, in the same area, or even for similar causes? Try to think of an event that is different and that will help you stand out!)
  • What will you not do? (Knowing where you will focus is key! You can’t do it all…at least not at first. Allow yourself room to grow in the future, so write down your dreams but don’t push yourself to do it all the first time around)

This second step will help you avoid wasting your time, energy, resources. As you continue laying the ground work, determining where you will set up will allow you to keep focus and work in one direction.

See how Shaping Destiny is doing it with Frisbee for the Fatherless 2017

  • They are hosting an Ultimate Frisbee event at a local sports park in a residential area
    • There is plenty of room, renting the fields were affordable, and it is in a well known area
    • Ultimate Frisbee is popular in Austin and while there are small league that run throughout the year, they are typically among friends and only known via word of mouth. This event is one of the few that are open to the public and advertised throughout the city — this means very little competition!
    • Their target audience is young adults (both men and women) between the ages of 18-35. They keep this in mind with the graphic designs, the language, the prizes, the sponsorship appeals (find out more about this in a future post), etc.
    • They are specific about sticking to Ultimate Frisbee. They aren’t doing much more than that right now. In the future, they may want to make it more family friendly with activities and booths but right now it is strictly the game.

Find out more about how they set up their event


This post is written by Stephanie Eitzen, a staff member at Shaping Destiny who is heavily involved in fundraising and advocating on behalf of the orphans and families they serve.
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