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Hosting a Fundraising Event – What’s Your Goal?


The first step in planning anything – whether that is an event, an organization, a relationship – is to determine what the end goal or winning aspiration is. After all, how will you know that you’ve succeeded unless you know what you’re aiming for? If you don’t have a goal, you won’t know how to make plans to achieve that goal and it will be easy to get distracted along the way. And don’t just set out to exist – set out to win! Thinking about what “winning” looks like for you will lay the foundation for all other strategy steps in the planning process.

Your goal/winning aspiration should include things like:

    • Mission
      • A clear, broad, and brief statement of what your event does or will be doing
      • Focuses on reason for existence


    • Vision
      • Dr. Kenneth Acha’s definition – “an inspiring, vivid, and beautiful mental image of how the mission plays out at a specific time in the future. It is inspired by God and based on an accurate understanding of truth, yourself, and your context.”
      • Focuses on where you see this event going


  • Purpose
    • Why are you holding this event?
    • What is driving you?
    • What is the need behind this event?

To better illustration these tips, let’s look at Shaping Destiny’s mission, vision, and purpose for their annual Frisbee for the Fatherless Ultimate Frisbee Tournament:

    • Mission – To inspire and empower the local community to change a child’s life


    • Vision – We see this event being held each year to gather the community together and give them a chance for fun and friendly competition where a sport they enjoy can be used to make a huge difference in the lives of the orphans in our program. This event will grow in popularity and hundreds from the surrounding areas will come to participate and learn how they can make an impact in a child’s life. Each team will be matched with a child in our program that they will play in honor of, raise funds for, and support for at least 1 year through the donations raised. By learning this specific child’s story, the team members will be inspired to reach out and help those in need and by sharing the event with others and asking friends or family to donate, they will be continuing to spread awareness and inspiration.We see this event growing to perhaps be a 2-day event, with food trucks that come out, booths for other local businesses, and family friendly activities for others who aren’t playing in the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. We see businesses and sponsors to get involved so we can continue to expand this event and give away prizes or awards for teams/players who go above and beyond to help our children. We dream of having a huge banquet after the event to celebrate the success and give all the participants a chance to hear more about Shaping Destiny and how their contributions are making a difference in Cameroon.


  • Purpose – To hold a fun event where we have a platform to raise orphan care awareness, gain child sponsors, and mobilize the community to make a difference in a child’s life through sponsorship

As you begin the early planning stages (or dreams) of your own fundraising event, be sure you start with determining a big and strong winning aspiration that includes your mission, vision, and purpose. This will help steer you in the right direction and keep focus along the way.


Have you thought about a mission, vision, or purpose for your fundraising event? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

This post is written by Stephanie Eitzen, a staff member at Shaping Destiny who is heavily involved in fundraising and advocating on behalf of the orphans and families they serve.
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