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Hosting a Fundraising Event – How Will You Succeed?


Now we’re at the 3rd step in the strategy planning of the fundraising event you’re hosting. So far we’ve covered:

  1. Determining the goal of your event
  2. Planning where you will “step up” or “play”
  3. Now, we’re going to talk about how to succeed or “win” in the area you have chosen to set up

Considering and planning how you will succeed is so important in order to set you up for triumph. Just like determining your goal helps you head in the right direction, knowing how you want to succeed will help you choose wisely and hopefully foresee pitfalls. For example, in our world there is nothing new under the sun. People everywhere are thinking, planning, or aspiring to do similar things. This is true in the for-profit world as well as in the non-profit. Competition is obvious and a natural part of life and this is true for your fundraising events as well. Deciding how you will win means considering what other possible competitions you’ll face and how you’ll overcome them.

All of these considerations are not simply based on dreams or random thoughts…not even fears. These considerations and strategies need to conform to the truth of the situation – the research done, the advice given, the insights obtained.

Deciding how you will succeed or win includes considerations such as:

  • What could be some possible competition?
    • Is there another similar event in the area? What are other similar organizations, ministries, individuals doing that you just can’t compete with?
  • What advantage do you have? What sets you apart?
    • Do you serve a certain people group? Do you have a special connection in the community or to someone influential? Why would someone want to donate or participate in your event rather than others?
  • Based on your goal, what does success look like for you and your event?

How did Shaping Destiny apply this strategy to their Frisbee for the Fatherless event?

  • Based on their size, bandwidth, and focus they decided to host a sport event that is not only popular, but uncommon to have open games. Not only does this cut out a lot of competition (not many others are doing it), it also appeals to young adults in the Austin area and allows exposure to both the mission and program of Shaping Destiny.
  • They directed this years tournament to make it as personal as possible between the Ultimate Frisbee players and the children they serve in Cameroon. Each team is matched with a child and then is playing for, fundraising, and acting as advocates on behalf of that child – that’s a unique format and sets this tournament apart!
  • For them, success is not seen in general funds donated but in children sponsored by the teams participating. They use language, metrics, and inspiration through emails blasts and campaigns to spread the passion and motive behind this event that is focused completely on connecting the players with the children they serve.

Check out the peer to peer fundraising platform that Shaping Destiny is using to track the success, easily allow participants to share the campaign, and personalize it. Notice, the children are the focus…not the funds alone. THIS is what success looks like to them.

This post is written by Stephanie Eitzen, a staff member at Shaping Destiny who is heavily involved in fundraising and advocating on behalf of the orphans and families they serve.
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