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Great Leaders Started Small, You’re Invited to Join Them!

Called to a tiny messed up church

John Maxwell has been voted as the most influential leadership expert in the United States (and the world) today. But how did he start? He started off as a pastor of a tiny church. His first assignment was a community,  Hillham, Indiana. The community had eleven (11) houses, two garages, one country store, and a little old church building that was over 100 years old. John Maxwell

Nasty Church Split

The week before he went there, the small church split. He says what really messed him up was that he agreed with the people who left! He watched them go and wished those were the ones who had stayed!

Three people in attendance at church

The first Sunday, there were three (3) people in attendance. Two of them were John and his wife! The third was an old lady that lived near the church. But John loved the farmers in that community and served them faithfully.

From grass to grace

God has grown him since then and today, he has written over sixty books that have sold over 20 million copies. He has spoken before presidents, the united nations and many top companies and organizations. How did he start? Small. God often tests people and gives them small assignments to see how they carry them out before he prospers them when they are faithful in little things. Maxwell’s case isn’t unique.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Jesus Christ

George Muller started with a small church in England. Henry Blackaby was called to serve a tiny church in Canada. Rick Warren started Saddleback church in his apartment. God has taken these people from grass to grace and today, they are considered giants of the faith and have been used by God to bless millions of people all over the world. If you read the lives of many great leaders, you will see very small, almost insignificant appearing beginnings. Their faithfulness in those beginnings prepared them for future success. You too may be serving God in a very small way. I encourage you stay in the game and give your all to God without grumbling or complaining. He will make it worthwhile.

I invite you to join the great leaders and do what they did. Start small and remain faithful. Focus on faithfulness and God will take care of growth.


Father, help us to walk in the way of Christ. To be humble and content with what we have. To have joy in serving you in small ways and trust that you would increase the work you are doing through us. Help us to start like the great leaders that have gone before us and endure till the end like they did. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


Question: What humble beginnings has God brought you through or is bringing you through right now? Do you know of other leaders also started small? Share your comments below to bless others who read them.

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  4. It is always encouraging to know how others started and how far they have come by staying faithful and having joy in doing the work God has put before them. Sometimes our work may seem simple, and we may not see the fruit that it produces immediately or even ever but God will continue to bless the work that we do for Him as we trust in Him and do it diligently with joy.
    Thank you for the sharing!

  5. I come from a poor family, never went to college, and sometimes feel rather inadequate and useless in the ministry I currently work for. Sometimes it’s hard to see God working among us because we are looking only for those huge miraculous movements. But this lost reminded me of all the small, yet important work I do as I seek Gods will on my life and ministry. If we are faithful stewards with the little, He will give us more! I am encouraged to remain faithful and patient during possible ruts I may find myself in. God is training and testing me