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Father to the Fatherless

This post is written by Tony Chimento, an instructor at Austin Bible Institute. Tony is an associate pastor at a church in Round Rock, TX and has been teaching for over 15 years in church settings.

If you want to know what the fastest growing segment of society is, you can simply look at kids without one or both parents.  It’s staggering how kids around the world are becoming more and more like a throwaway group of people.  We obviously are keenly focused on orphan care and if we don’t begin to do the work of finding these lost kids, who will? If we don’t place a high value on these kids, who will?

As you look into God’s word, specifically at Romans 8:15, we see that God started the entire orphan care movement. He began thFather holding child's hande first adoption agency and is inviting us to join Him in the journey. Look at what this verse says: “The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to son-ship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

He’s looking to adopt people in mass numbers, all through the work of Jesus Christ. And what is it that delights the heart of God? It’s that we call Him Abba Father. And that is where our work is so critical. We have to reveal to them the love of God through us so they can discover the Father they never had. They need to see what is real love and see the redemptive work God is trying to do for them.It delights God's heart to hear us call Him Abba Father (via @AustinBibleInst) Click To Tweet

The biggest challenge for us, then, is not just dropping everything and starting an orphanage. This isn’t a bad thing if God’s called you to it, but it typically starts in little ways. It starts by helping single moms.  It starts by giving any amount you can to those doing great orphan care ministry. It starts in going on short term trips to help those trying to introduce these kids to their Father. It starts in prayer and fasting for God to do great works around the world. It starts in simply telling God you are available for whatever He wants to do through you.

One final thought. You have to experience this adoption into God’s family in order to share that experience with others. Abba Father has to be your Father in order for you to explain how it works. If you need help with this, we can help you at Austin Bible Institute or through other posts on this Orphan Care Movement blog. We want to help you so you can help others.

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  1. I am greatly inspired to start an orphan care centre but everytime I do something comes my way and I draw back.I need your prayers.

    • Esther,
      We will be praying for you. Perhaps these difficulties are God’s way of redirecting you. Perhaps He is only testing your faith. Have you had this calling to start an orphan care center confirmed by any other mature brothers or sisters in Christ? Have you spent time praying about it and truly surrendering to whatever God’s will is? I don’t mean to increase your doubt, sister, but I do want you to be sure this is what the Lord is calling you to do. I’ve often made the mistake of pushing forward with my own plans that seem good to me, but may not be the right time or place in God’s plan…

  2. ” If we don’t place a high value on these kids, who will?” Great post!

    • Ebony,
      Thanks! Glad you were blessed by it! Feel free to share and pass it along to friends 🙂