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Dont’ Kid With Your Demons

The Bible tells us to flee from temptation (2 Timothy 2:22) but that’s not always what people do. Sometimes, we think that because we have refrained a bit, or gone some time without giving in, that we are strong enough to always resist it. However, in this post, Dr. Ken Acha teaches us that we should never kid with our demons…we should avoid those temptations altogether. When it comes to orphan care, this is important to keep in mind when it comes to each child’s own unique situation. When you are trying to determine what a child can and can’t handle, knowing bit about their history, their past struggles, will come in handy. This is what some psychologists call differential susceptibility, a hypothesis that basically states that different people vary in the degree they are affected by experiences or the environment they are exposed to. Some people are more susceptible to certain influences than others––not only to negative but also to positive ones. Keep this in mind as you read this post.

“Here is a true story.
There was a woman who struggled with quitting smoking for a long time. Then she finally made it and quit smoking for a whole year. On the one-year anniversary of her quitting smoking, she decided to smoke just one stick of cigarette to celebrate. She hasn’t stopped smoking since. She now smokes more than she ever did before and doesn’t know how to quit again. It is harder for her to quit now than it was before. She just doesn’t know how to quit anymore.” Read More…

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