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Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream to become a pastor? Care for orphans? Serve as a missionary? Become an effective Christian leader? Grow as a Christian?

People with dreams have changed the world for the better when they acted on their dreams. There is nothing like a powerful dream to channel one’s passion towards accomplishing a great cause. To help people achieve their God-given dreams, Austin Bible Institute has launched a scholarship program called the “Dream Scholarship”. The dream scholarship provides partial tuition scholarships to any student who has a dream but lacks the funds to prepare herself for it.

There is nothing like a powerful dream to channel one's passion. -KENNETH ACHA- Click To Tweet

The Dream Scholarship allows students to receive excellent training from Austin Bible Institute.

Here is a sad truth: Many people who feel called into Christian ministry never stop to get any training. Because of that, a lot of pastors, leaders, missionaries are hurting themselves and the people they want to help!

Good intentions are not enough. It’s not enough to have a good heart or to be passionate. God-centered passion always leads to  good work. The beginning of good work is good training and equipping. If you study the Bible you would see that God always spends time training the people he calls to serve him. Look at Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, John the Baptist, Jesus and the apostles. All of them spent years training for the call.

The goal of the Dream Scholarship is to identify Christians with a strong call and hold their hands, mentor them, equip them so that they can fulfill God’s call for their lives. Jesus walked along side his disciples and mentored them. Before leaving, he empowered them and sent them out to change the world. Since then, mentoring has been something that wise Christians have done and Jesus has blessed.

How to apply for the Dream Scholarship.

Applying for the dream scholarship is very easy. Anyone can do this.  It will take you very little time to do and the benefits to you will last a life-time!

  1. Step 1: Write a short comment (only a few sentences) at the bottom of this post briefly sharing what you would like to do after training.
  2. Step 2: Go to the Austin Bible Institute website and apply for admissions. The application fee is waived!

That’s it! When we receive your application, we will contact you as soon as possible.

A dream is a terrible thing to waste! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream changed the American story for the better. What may your dream do for a future generation?



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  1. hiii sir my name is emmanuel iam indian iam running with since 5 years orphanage and old age home please small help for orphanage

  2. Good afternoon, iam Ronald kawele a Zambian by birth aged 34 years after my training i would like to start my orphanage in my home town Chingola.

  3. I am Sheila Mbabazi a Ugandan citizen by birth and nationality aged 23 years. I would love to start an orphanage in Uganda after my training.

  4. After training I would love to open up an orphanage and spread the word of God to the many who are out here and are yet to know the truth Just fulfilling my purpose.

  5. God not only gives dreams but opens and closes the doors to guide those dreams. My heart has a desire to serve 10+ year old children in the place God had put me, Kalamazoo, Mi. Ultimately I would love to start an orphanage. I would love to see if God will provide a way, or if His plans are greater than mine.

    • What a great heart you have! Have you already applied for our upcoming Fall semester? http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/

      • Hi Stephanie, thanks for reaching out! I just submitted an application! What should my next steps look like?

  6. as a child I always wanted to work with children I guess I got inspired by a doctor visit.That day they told me that I have a low percentage of having children myself I see children in need all the time that needs my help and others which gave me the deep passion to start my our orphanage which is a dream I’m chasing and can’t let it fade away!

  7. Indeed a dream is a terrible thing to waste! as quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I am from Ghana and as an orphan my self, i have a passion to care for God”ABANDONED CHILDREN. I have the joy to gather the street children. school drop outs. poor and vulnerable children and people from my society and beyond as far the Lord will lead. The main objective is to bring Christ and the gospel to their hearts, through education and training to give them a better future. by so doing. they will be delivered from the grips of poverty and all manner of social vices. As an agriculturist i have plans to establish farm projects to raise funds for the support of the Ministry in order not to depend so much on people. so as rightly said that good work begins with good training. i would be most grateful if i could be given a chance in your scholarship scheme to train and equip my self for an effective operations in the vine yard of God. at the moment, i have partnered with a friend and we have 13 children we are catering for. And i believe as the vision carrier, we will be more effective if am giving training. God richly bless your organisation and hope to hear from you Amen.

  8. I am currently providing assistance to several kids in my home town in Liberia. I helped in providing them school materials, food and small donations to schools in my home town, and have now think of expanding it to starting up an orphanage or a non profit organization which will carter to the needs of less fortunate children. I feel God is leading me in the right direction in meeting the needs of others. Thanks for your consideration.

  9. I’m currently working with a Pastor (friend and family to me) in Tanzania, Africa who shared about the current food shortage there. I’ve found a small group of coworkers to help assist the first month with small donations, and have now expanded to a full fundraiser in hope to provide a year needed donations. I’ve helped an orphan with school fees in the past and a single mom who needed to send her daughter to boarding school to learn English, all of this said, I feel God is leading me to start a non profit or for-profit organization and need some education and guidance in this area. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Becky, thanks for your comment! I’ve emailed you about the next steps for online training with ABI. Please check your inbox and be sure to follow those steps to get set up for Summer classes.