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Developing Leaders Like Kenzie

Meet Kenzie, one of the students enrolled at Austin Bible Institute. Kenzie and her family live in Honduras as full-time missionaries. Her heart is for orphans and vulnerable children and she has been studying with us since last August. We have seen Kenzie grow so much and have loved being a part of what God is doing in her, her family, and her ministry.

Stephanie and Danielle, two students at Austin Bible Institute and staff with Shaping Destiny, interview Kenzie about what God is doing in her life and how she is enjoying her studies with ABI. Watch this video to learn from Kenzie herself.

Find out more about Healing Honduras: https://www.facebook.com/healinghonduras
Find out more about Austin Bible Institute: http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/
Find out more about Shaping Destiny developing YOU as a leader: http://www.shapingdestiny.org/developleaders

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