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Dear Christian Who is Called

I am really excited to hear that you are called to serve God. That is such a wonderful thing. Let me take the liberty to give you my friend some advice as you embark on this amazing journey. I’ll go straight to the point.

If you have a passion to serve orphans, don’t jump to starting an organization. Many close daily. Instead, for a few years, pour your heart out completely by serving orphans with another trusted organization that will give you the privilege to use and grow your leadership skills, gifts, and talents to build the kingdom of God. Choose one that will share the leadership with you equally as a brother or sister to the extent that you are mature to handle. Serve there for a few years. Then if God continues to call you, share your dream with them. They should be able to equip you and share strategies, connections, and resources to help you get started better than you could ever do on your own.

ConnectYou may even decide that you want to go and start a branch of that organization in the place God has called you and continue to lead, learn and serve together. God wants his children to serve together. What father doesn’t love to see his children serve him in unity? Jesus last prayer before he was crucified was that we be united and love one another (John 17).

In a godly organization, there is enough room for everyone called there to shine, to express their natural talents and abilities. If you don’t know a good organization that comes to mind, Shaping Destiny (SD) is one that I believe is great. I know that because I founded it!God wants His children to serve together (via@AustinBibleInst) Click To Tweet

SD welcomes young people who are called to serve orphans. It provides training for them. They are invited to serve for a time in every area of the ministry including attending board meetings! They not only serve a good organization, they are intentionally taught and prepared for departure in a few years. They get to learn the ins and outs of the organization. We expose them to training courses, books, resources, and conferences in the field so that they can continue to learn and grow even after they leave. When they are ready to go out on their own, SD confirms their readiness, and sends them out wherever God calls them. They are encouraged to start their own ministries, call them whatever they feel led, and are not required to be a part of SD. I’m sure there are other good ministries out there that are providing spiritual fathering to younger people called into ministry.

Also, if you are able to get formal training, get it; even if it takes years to complete. It will save you a tremendous amount of pain and harm.

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  1. I have known for a while that God was calling me to serve orphans, I just had no clue in what area and how to even get education/training in the area of orphan care. God has used volunteering for Shaping Destiny and taking classes with Austin Bible Institute to make what I knew he was calling me to do more clear. Getting experience in orphan care has truly changed my view of what orphan care entails and how I fit into the orphan care ministry.

  2. How can I start serving?

    • Star, how do you feel called to serve? What country are you located? Dr. Acha suggests in this post that you begin looking to join another organization that is already working to serve orphans and learn from them as you join in on that work.