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Community-Based Orphan Care

“How do you take care of 15 million orphans and children at risk? This is Africa’s challenge, and it’s not just a problem for governments, NGOs and Oprah Winfrey. Most of Africa’s orphans are from Christian communities, confronting the global Church with one of the greatest humanitarian crises it has ever faced.”

The traditional approach to this situation is to build tens of thousands of orphanages. Some are certainly trying to do this, among them many notable Hollywood celebrities. But the enormity of the challenge has forced others to rethink the traditional approach. The result may be something which is far superior to the institutional model, and which may actually help bring about change around the world in orphan ministry.” Read More >

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  1. i would love to have a copy of this book and any other resourses for orphan care

    • Have you looked into getting training for orphan care?
      I attend Austin Bible Institute, the first school in the US that trains students how to biblically care for orphans. I have never been so close to God, so confident in my faith, and so sure that I’m growing closer and closer to being an effective orphan care giver. I’m taking spiritual classes that teach me how to pray, study the Bible, and share Jesus with others as well as practical orphan care classes that open my eyes to the best practices of orphan care, teach me nutrition and basic health care, how to start an orphanage if that should be what God leads me to do, and many other important aspects of ministry work.

      You should check out the school and see if this would be a good fit to help train you to follow your calling and grow close to God as well. The website is http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/

  2. I found this post very interesting! I liked that it touched on the fact that orphanages come from the Westernized mindset and yet we don’t even have them in our own country. Although there is a time and place for them, having luxurious facilities or filling them with hundreds of children is not the way to go. I also liked that they mentioned the orphanage being a cultural institution as much as it is a structural one. Removing children from their own society and placing them in an orphanage, typically ran by an outsider, is very risky. I want to see children thriving with their own people in their own land and contributing to their own society. These things are often overlooked. Thanks for the information!