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Beware of Adoption Scams

It’ terrible to think that people could take something as beautiful as adoption and turn it into something so devious and deceptive. But that is an unfortunate trend that is appearing across the U.S. In this CNN report, hear the story of Mata, a young girl who is adopted by a loving family in Ohio only to have them discover a hidden secret about Mata’s biological family. Whether you’re pursuing adoption, run an orphanage that is open to adoption, or educating yourself on effective orphan care, please beware of these types of scams that are not unique.

“The 7-year-old girl, dressed in bright pink and holding one of her favorite stuffed animals, sees her mother for the first time in nearly a year. A brilliant smile spreads across Namata’s face, punctuating her excitement.

She and her mother are speaking via Skype more than 7,400 miles apart. Namata, or Mata as she’s known, talks from the home of her adoptive parents in Ohio. Her mother watches via a laptop in Uganda, in a quiet spot away from her village.
‘Hello,’ Mata says. ‘How are you doing?’
Mata beams, as does her adoptive mom, Jessica Davis. As the conversation continues, Mata wants answers. She wants to know why her mother gave her away. By the time the call ends, Mata’s radiant smile has turned to sobs. ‘My mom was tricked,’ she says. ‘My mom was tricked.'” Read More…
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