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Before You Play, Huddle Up with God

This is a post written by Tony Chimento, an instructor at Austin Bible Institute. Tony says that “huddling up” with God before setting out on something helps us keep the right things in focus and tap into the energy, power, authority, and anointing of God.

If you read through the Gospels all the way through, you will notice that Jesus continually called a huddle. It was the beginning of so many activities.

Mark 10:42 “Jesus called them together…”
Mark 3:23 “So Jesus called them over to Him…”
Mark 3:13 “Jesus went up  on a mountainside and called to Himself…”

Let’s be honest here – most of the time we typically skip the huddle. We want to jump right into the activity. We want to get busy with the work in front of us. We want to start that new adventure. We have a zest and zeal for the next thing. And yet Jesus is saying to us all, “Hey before you start, could we huddle up? I have some things I want to tell you first.” Read More…

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