7 Traits of Great Leaders

If you dream of caring for orphans, then you are preparing yourself to step in the shoes of a great leader. All people look to leaders for guidance, wisdom, direction, and encouragement…orphans and vulnerable child do all the more. In this blog post, learn from Dr. Kenneth Acha as he shares what he thinks are the top 7 traits of leaders.

Why should you and I be interested in knowing the 7 personality traits of great leaders? First, because regardless of what we do in life, we are leaders. Second, these traits can be learned. Because they can be learned, we can improve our leadership ability. Read More…

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People Are Motivated By Vision, Not Need

Whether you’re trying to encouarage people to join your orphan care ministry, train up and inspire new leaders, or fundraise and appeal for donation, this blog will help set you off in the right direction! Many times, people try to persuade others to do something through inadvertent guilt trips. But this is not the way to go! In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about how much more effective talking about vision is than talking about needs.

“Vision motivates and inspires people. Needs depress and turn off people. A great vision inspires people and moves them to desire to come on board and help accomplish the vision. I advise leaders not to focus on the needs they need help to solve but on the better future that the help will provide. That better future is the vision.” Read More…

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8 Filters for Making Wise Decisions

Everything you do in life, whether personal decisions, ministry decisions, or interpersonal decisions, can direct — or misdirect — you. This is extremely important when leading a ministry or guiding children in orphan care. Everything we do is based on decisions and the livelihood of many other people can depend on you and the decisions you make. In this post, Dr. Kenneth Acha teaches 8 key filters for making wise decisions. Use these and hopefully they will guide you, and the children you serve, well.

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The 5 Conflict Resolution Styles or Modes

A few years ago, Dr. Kenneth Acha created a video lesson on the five conflict resolution styles for a conflict transformation course offered at Austin Bible Institute. It’s a great overview of the different styles or modes of handling conflict. When working with anyone – adults, children, family, community members, etc. – odds are you will run into some conflict. Part of being an effective orphan care worker is learning how to deal with conflict.

View the programs offered by Austin Bible Institute that include this course in their curriculum.

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Hosting a Fundraising Event – How Will You Succeed?


Now we’re at the 3rd step in the strategy planning of the fundraising event you’re hosting. So far we’ve covered:

  1. Determining the goal of your event
  2. Planning where you will “step up” or “play”
  3. Now, we’re going to talk about how to succeed or “win” in the area you have chosen to set up
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One Key to Enhancing Your Performance in Anything You Do

Sometimes when ministering to the poor, the needy, and the orphan we can unconsciously become complacent and comfortable with the status quo. You have enough going on already…how can you possibly handle anything else? However, if you’re not careful in this world that is every changing, you will fall behind and never reach your full potential. In this blog post, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about one key thing that can enhance your performance in anything – especially caring for others.

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