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A New Way to Think About International Adoptions

In her recent article, “The Trouble with the Christian Adoption Movement”, Kathryn Joyce discusses unintentional harm that has been caused on hundreds, if not thousands, of children wrongfully categorized as orphans. I think this is a valuable critique that should be humbling considered by advocates of international adoption around the world. Read the article below and then share your thoughts with us…



“In 2009 a Tennessee couple made a life-changing decision. As devout Christians, they decided to open their home to an orphaned girl from Ethiopia, whom they were told had been abandoned. They knew enough from fellow adoptive parents to expect that the process would be long and hard, but as they were waiting for their application to go through, something unexpected happened. A number of Ethiopian staff at their adoption agency were arrested for transporting children to a different region of the country where they could claim the children had been abandoned.” Read More

What do you think about Joyce’s article? Share your comments below.

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1 Comment

  1. I thought she had a lot of things wrong in the article and only one thing right and even in that she didn’t make the correlation that our Government continues to do the same thing in America as is being done in other countries. America removes kids from homes and creates government orphans based primarily on poverty related issues permanently damaging both the birth families, the children, and the future adoptive families in ways that are unable to be explained unless you are one of these stakeholders.