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7 Steps to Creating Last Positive Change

The children that you work with are probably going through a major change in their lives, or they need to. Whether you are helping place them with a family, putting them in a transition home, or helping provide relief to their situation they have probably gone through some sort of traumatic event that is drastically changing their life…for the worse. In this blog post, however, Dr. Kenneth Acha talks about 7 steps to creating positive change in your life. As you read, be thinking about how you can implement this into your orphan care.

“Every new year we set new goals to create life changes that we believe would make our lives better. Most of us don’t make it through the first month. We all know how it feels when we fall off the bandwagon. It doesn’t help our self-confidence or our self-esteem. Deep inside, we all desire to be able to make commitments to positive change and stick with them.” Read More…

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