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Remind Yourself of His Grace

In this post Dr. Ed Roller, an instructor at Austin Bible Institute, talks about the abundant grace that is always available to us from the Lord. This is an important lesson to keep in mind, to teach your children, to remind yourself when you fall short of what you “are supposed to be”. Dr. Roller tells us that grace is the only cure for our sin.

The old expression “a drop in a bucket” might be a good starting place to explain abundant grace. If we filled a bucket full of water and then we added one more drop, just one small drop, that drop would get lost in the rest of the water, never to be found again. It would dissipate into the rest of the water.

Now God’s bucket of unmerited favor is so large that we cannot come close to imagining the size of the bucket. God’s grace is poured out on us and it keeps coming. There seems to be no end! If we stop to look at one drop, we find that it is so precious. Read More…


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