How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime

This is a great video by Nadine Burke Harris about the effects of severe trauma on children throughout their lifetime. Many orphans and vulnerable children encounter such trauma in their childhood and this cannot be ignored. Watch this video to learn how to dig deeper into adverse child experiences.

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Helping Children Integrate in Their Communities


You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” This concept is very true when it comes to any sort of child rearing, especially when working with orphaned, abandoned, or displaced children. Integrating a child with their community is key for sustainable and excellent solutions to the orphan crisis. 

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Less is More: Children and Free Play

Child's Play

We came across an interesting study about how children play and which items seem to provide a better play experience. Many people would think that bigger and better toys would equate to a bigger and better play time, however this study found that children played more intensely with simple items such as crates, pipes, and buckets than they did with full playgrounds!

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The 8 Values of Effective Teams

In this blog post, Dr. Kenneth Acha teaches about important values to have in effective teams. Whether you’re running an orphanage, a nonprofit, a small business, or a mission trip these values will help you work better together as a group and therefore be more effective as a team.

“When I think of an effective team, I often think of a medical code team during a resuscitation. Because it is a life and death matter, the team is organized as effectively as possible.

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Orphan Care: Setting The Lonely in Families

Setting Lonely Children in Familes

How can we put a roof over this child’s head? How can we ensure this child eats today? How can we be confident this child receives an education? These are the questions that sparked the orphan care movement—a big-hearted, activist-packed initiative to get children off the streets and into buildings with full bellies and minds.

But the tone has shifted over the years, and after decades of work, the orphan care movement knows these kinds of questions are not enough. Questions that merely focus on what should be done after a child has been labeled an orphan will not lead to adequate answers.

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