Orphan Care Movement Update by CAFO

The following webinar by Jedd Medefind, the President of Christian Alliance for Orphans will give you an investor update of what God is doing in the global church, especially in the U.S. as it concerns orphan care.

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Whose Dream am I Trying to Fulfill?

Before you or I start an orphanage, it’s important to ask and answer this question:

Whose dream am I trying to fulfill?

Is it my dream or the orphans dream? That is,  is it my dream to start an orphanage or is it the orphans dream that an orphanage be started? Do I have a dream to start an orphanage or do the orphans have a dream to live in an orphanage? Whose dream am I working to fulfill? Is it my dream or their dream. This question is important to answer.

Dream of living in an orphanage

Photo: Children at the Shaping Destiny Orphanage in Cameroon. I (Kenneth Acha) founded this orphanage in 2005. We graduated our first group of orphans in February 2014 and have shifted our model of orphan care due to new research findings. We still maintain the orphanage but over the last three years have  intentionally gone from 85 children in the orphanage to less than ten children right now. Our focus now is to put children in local homes. That is extremely more effective and also cheaper to do. It costs 10 times more to put a child in our orphanage than with a loving local family.

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Do You Have a Question?

questions about orphan careI get many questions from people who want to understand orphan care, start an orphanage, or start another ministry that serves orphans.  I also get questions from my blog, titled “What is Grace“. These two sites are very related. Orphan Care is how people live out the grace of God. I love to answer every single one of your questions. Post it below so that others may also benefit from your question and its response. Browse through the other questions that have been asked to see if any of them has already answered your question. If not, post your question and we will answer it shortly. If you see an unanswered question and know the answer to it, go ahead and answer it.  If your question is of a very private nature, you may contact us here>> Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

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Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream to become a pastor? Care for orphans? Serve as a missionary? Become an effective Christian leader? Grow as a Christian?

People with dreams have changed the world for the better when they acted on their dreams. There is nothing like a powerful dream to channel one’s passion towards accomplishing a great cause. To help people achieve their God-given dreams, Austin Bible Institute has launched a scholarship program called the “Dream Scholarship”. The dream scholarship provides partial tuition scholarships to any student who has a dream but lacks the funds to prepare herself for it.

There is nothing like a powerful dream to channel one's passion. -KENNETH ACHA- Click To Tweet Read More
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