Are You Cut Out to Start an Organization?

Starting an Organization

There is a spiritual gift called the gift of apostleship. Apostles are created from birth (see Jeremiah 1) and called to serve God by starting new churches and new ministries. By apostles, I’m not only referring to the apostles of Christ like Peter or people like Paul. I’m referring to the millions of people before and after them who have been designed by God and gifted to start new institutions whenever God wants to work through an institution such as a church, ministry, etc. In addition to being created or designed and called, apostles are gifted by the Holy Spirit to do what they do. All three go together: Design, Calling, and Gifting.

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How to Prepare Yourself for Effective Orphan Care

At Austin Bible Institute, everything we do is motivated by our belief that orphans and poor people deserve the highest standards of care possible. We are driven by the dream that one day orphans will be perceived with the same dignity and value that we perceive our own children.

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Strategy For Triaging Orphans

If you are called to serve in the area of orphan care, whether it is family-based care, adoption, or orphanage care it is essential that you understand how to triage children.

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Community-Based Orphan Care

“How do you take care of 15 million orphans and children at risk? This is Africa’s challenge, and it’s not just a problem for governments, NGOs and Oprah Winfrey. Most of Africa’s orphans are from Christian communities, confronting the global Church with one of the greatest humanitarian crises it has ever faced.”

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