CAFO 2015 Summit

CAFO 2015 Submit

God willing, my team and I will be attending the CAFO 2015 summit. This will take place from April 30 to May 1 in Nashville, TN. I recommend this conference to people in the area of orphan care who can afford to attend. I think meeting together and learning from other people in the field is a great way to open our minds.

If you are a fan of this blog who will be attending, please let me know. We would love to connect with you and know what God is doing in your work and ministry.

To check out details about the conference, please visit the CAFO 2015 submit page here >>

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Why I think it’s Good to Teach People How to “Start an Orphanage”

There is a healthy debate going on now about whether people ought to be taught how to start orphanages or not. On the Orphan Care Movement blog, this discussion was ignited by a post I wrote a few days ago advertising a course in which I teach people how to start an orphanage. Some argue that all orphanages need to be closed. Others argue that there is a role for orphanages. In this video podcast, I answer a question from a dear sister in Christ, Jessica, who is laboring right now in Africa doing the Lord’s work. Jessica had some concerns about the wisdom of teaching people how to “start an orphanage”. I think my response could benefit others interested in these matters.

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How to Choose a Good Bible

Not all Bibles are the same. Each translation has its strengths and weaknesses.  No Bible is good for every purpose. As such, we need to choose carefully. What we use our bibles for will determine what type of Bible best suits our needs. 

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You Don’t Love Someone Until…

You don’t love someone until you know their weaknesses and still love them the same. We can all love a person when he or she does the kinds of things we love and agree with. But what happens when they don’t do what we want? How do we react?

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“IF” is the title of a poem by British Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling, written in 1895. This Poem is my advise to anyone going into the privileged ministry of orphan care as a calling.

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