The Elements of Culture

Our cultures shape and form who we are and who we become as individuals and as a society. Whether we are talking about a personal, family, organizational or even a national level, we know that the best way to develop excellence is to develop cultures of excellence.

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What’s the Difference Between a Website and a Blog?

Have you ever wanted to start establishing a presence online for your ministry, organization, cause, or simply for yourself but you were unsure whether a website or a blog is best for you? You’re not alone. Many people are unsure what the key differences are and easily choose the wrong one.

Bottom line, a blog is a type of a website (Web log= Blog). A website is a general term(site on web=website).

To help you discover the differences, and similarities, between the two, we’ll define each one and mention some typical components of each.

Difference Between Website and Blog

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How to Start a Website or Blog in 20 minutes or less

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Websites and Blogs

Websites and Blogs are some of the best ways to build a platform for your ministry, your cause, or yourself. Through your website or blog, you can tell people what you do, ask interested people to join you, advertise upcoming events, and raise financial support. You can also simply share your thoughts, feelings, and passions and contribute something to bless and improve the lives of others. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

If you’re just starting, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the options and you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in! In this article, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to do one of the best things you’ve ever done – start a website or blog.

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To Every Single Woman with a Calling: If Not While Dating, Then Never!

 If the person you are dating isn’t fully supporting your passion now, don’t expect him to do so when you are married.

It’s amazing how unwise we can become when we are emotionally involved with someone we are dating. I speak from experience, so it’s best to listen up.

If the person you are dating isn’t supporting your passion in a significant way both financially and with their time, don’t expect them to do so when you are married. Dating is the time when everyone does their best to please and impress their partner. People shower and put on deodorants and perfumes. They do everything they can to please you and win you over. Trust me, when you actually get married, all that settles down a little. This is true whether you like it or not. It’s hard to be productive for a long time while living as intensely as people do when they are dating. People are rarely themselves when they are dating. They put on a show. But when marriage happens, you know them as they truly are.If Not While Dating, Then Never

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Focus: Put your money where your passion is

In 2005, when I felt called to start Shaping Destiny, I was already sponsoring three children through another organization called Zion. I knew Zion from a distance but trusted the leadership. Even though I lived in another country and had no direct influence or knowledge of the daily activities of Zion,  I had no reason to  doubt that my sacrificial donation was being used well. And when I say sacrifice, sponsoring three children was a huge sacrifice for me then. I was in medical school and wasn’t working. In a sense, I was taking out a loan to sponsor those children. Not smart! Yet, I felt really strongly that I was called to start a Shaping Destiny(SD).  For a few months after starting SD, I wasn’t able to sponsor a child through my own organization. I continued to give financially to Zion. I felt guilty at the thought of switching my financial support from Zion to SD.  I was passionate about SD and poured my whole heart into it, working daily on it, asking people to join and support it, but my money was going to Zion.Put your heart where your money is

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How One Woman Found Hope

Meet Stephanie. Stephanie studies Christian Minstry to Orphans and Vulnerable Children at Austin Bible Institute, works in the administration office, and is on staff with Shaping Destiny – a nonprofit ministry that inspires and empowers people to shape their destinies. She began working with us a few years ago. This is the story of her life before Jesus…

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