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Do I need Training to Start an Orphanage?

Posted by on April 17, 2013 in Orphan Care | 176 comments

Who needs training to start an orphanage? That’s a common feeling that people have. We felt like that when we started our orphanage in Africa. A good heart doesn’t equal to help for orphans. Believe us, we are speaking from experience. We have seen people hurt poor people (especially orphans) and themselves when they are working hard and doing what they think is best to help the poor.

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” Prov. 14:12

In other words, what you think is the right road may lead to death.  So let us not be too confident that we don’t stop to learn. On the contrary, we should not allow this to cause us to be too afraid to serve the poor. God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of love, power, and of a sound mind. When we labor and pursue doing things right, even if we fall on the way, the Holy Spirit will lead us to success. Note that doing things right is righteousness

There is a proverb that says “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way” (Prov. 19:2).

The NLT renders this verse as: “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.” That proverb is so true. It is very easy to have a vision for serving orphans. Then we become very passionate and jump into it without proper training. Before we know it that passion burns out and then we give up. Often we are very frustrated. Even when we succeed after making too many mistakes early, the orphans miss out on the great potential that we have that is lost and settle for the little success that we have attained simply because we made the mistake of not getting proper training. But this can be avoided.

If you are starting an orphanage because you feel God is calling you to serve, you are doing a great thing. But starting an orphanage to serve orphans in God’s name (because God sent you) makes you a man or woman of God even if you wouldn’t call yourself that. Working for God is not only about good work, it is spiritual warfare and Satan will do everything in his power to frustrate the work. Satan doesn’t want orphans to be served. He wants them to remain in bondage. So going out to serve orphans is going to battle with Satan. You need to be trained and ready to spend time interceding and praying for the orphans that you serve. You also need to intercede for the work to really have a meaningful effect on the children. You want it to glorify God.

We will be sharing examples of cases where some of our well meaning (smart) staff have unintentionally caused irreparable harm to orphans because of their lack of training. We will use them to encourage you to get some training. Austin Bible Institute  is the first institution in the world to offer training in orphan care. As of right now, they are the only ones that we know that offer full training training programs in that area.  We recommend contacting their website for training if you are interested in learning more than what we offer on this website. If you find any training resources that could help someone to start an orphanage or run an existing one better, please contact us and share so that we can add it to this site to help others. We need to share information to help others serve orphans better!

Austin Bible Institute offers a course on how to start an orphanage: Learn what it takes to start and run an orphanage in only 8 weeks

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  1. Hi, My name is Margaret, am aged 23 based in Lusaka, Zambia.
    Have always dreamt of putting up an Orphanage. Its something i grew up thing, have always wanted to help and put a smile on those lovely babies suffering. It breaks my heart to see little and beautiful young boys and girls suffering on the street.
    I managed to draft a Proposal of an Orphanage, now am raising money to have my NGO registered. Anyone willing to come on board with other great ideas is surly welcome,. Kindly send me an email: zuzuchifofo@gmail.com
    Positively waiting for your response. God bless

  2. i too have a calling to work with orphans and i now wish to set up an orphanage at Kapiri Mposhi ZAMBIA.
    should you wish to partner me in this noble cause, please contact me at:

  3. am a 45 year old pastor. am seeking partners to team up with me to open an orphanage in ZAMBIA at KAPIRI MPOSHI. I have been involved with orphans since 1999 and i have empowered many. now am moved to start an orphanage and i have acquired land for this project in this rural district of central zambia.
    anyone willing to partner with me can write to me at: ovcministry@gmail.com
    i will be happy to hear fro you and share with you information on this. pastor humphrey

  4. Hi, I have a 16 year old daughter that has had a passion for orphans since she was little. I home school her and she’s in her last 2 years of high school. We were just planning out her next year and what areas she needs to focus on. Is she able to take a class through you in her Junior year of high school related to working with orphans or starting an orphanage? Any thoughts on books you’d recommend she reads? She’s currently thinking either a teaching degree or one in physical therapy but she’s just not sure. Then I came across your site and recommendations for Austin College. Not sure she’d want a degree in that but it could be an option. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Marty,

      Yes! We allow anyone to enter our certificate programs but in order for your daughter to pursue a degree with us, she will need to have graduated high school. You can view all of our undergraduate certificate programs through the link below. We have a 1 1/2 year long certificate program and another that is 3 years.

      I love that, as her mother, you support her and her dreams for caring for the least of these. If she studies with us, we will have plenty of great books for her to read that will not only grow her worldview but will challenge, inspire, and support her to succeed wherever God calls her! You can learn more through the link above and feel free to view other pages on our site that will give information about tuition and fees, course descriptions, and how to apply. We look forward to hearing from your daughter soon!

  5. I would like to start an orphanage in South Africa. I have passion for children

    • Austin Bible Institute is offering an 8 week course that will give the basic introductions to starting a non-profit, such as an orphanage, in developing countries. The class is offered online and will give you a good platform to work from when pursuing your dream to start an orphanage. I’m currently taking the course and it’s awesome! A lot more in depth than a simple 1,2,3 for starting an orphanage. They go into creating a mission and vision, selecting board members and other key leaders, confirming your calling, and registering with the government etc. You should check it out!

      Visit http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/startanorphanage/ to find out more about the course and enroll for the June start-date!

    • Have you though about opening the orphanage in Lesotho instead? It is a country completely surrounded by south africa but it is alot poorer and there are more orphans compared to its population. If you are still looking to open an orphanage i can put you in touch with someone that can talk to you about the process.

  6. Hello People of God,
    I am from Sierra Leone but stay in Ukraine I want to open an Ebola orphanage in Sierra Leone, actually i dont know how to start as i am writing now i have two kid that i am taking care of in my town with the support of my cousin it is not easy but to the glory of God i am doing my best to help them, please i need some advice on what to do? my Email is ishakay2010@yahoo.com, facebook isha kargbo please i need urgent reply.
    stay blessed

  7. I would like to start an orphanage in Liberia, West Africa, catering to kids who were victims of Ebola, and or has lost their parent to it. I’m in need of

    • What is your time fra e for opening the orphanage?

  8. praise the lord i am pastor working in the Odisha ,INDIA in a remote place , i do not have house to start orphan care or sponsor to run a care , but i have faith in God He can to do impossible to possible ,can you pray for my vision and help to take care to the orphans

  9. Hey, am Rebecca and I really want to open an orphanage. I need people who we can work with. Am a Zambian but now in Denmark. What course can i do to open up an orphanage. I have done my diploma in theology at bible college in Zambia. Reply

    • What country do you want to open orphanage in?

    • Rebecca,
      Austin Bible Institute has many courses that will train you how to properly care for orphans in developing countries. We have many certificates and degrees that are founded on Biblical principles and best practices. One of our foundational courses in our ministry department is called Starting an Orphan Care Ministry and it would be very beneficial to you as you are starting out in the planning process. If you like what you learn, you can then take other courses with us!
      Visit http://www.ausitnbibleinstitute.com to view our programs, tuition and fees, application process, and more!

  10. hi i will like to open a home for the orphan after scholarship that you will ofer

  11. I cried when I read “god sent you”, Ït just became so real to me.
    Please can you let me know what I need to do and be aware of before I start.

    I really need to do this!
    I’m going to read every single post on your blog to get as much knowledge as possible.


  12. I feel very exited about every post that i have come across this site,To be an orphan is the most difficult situation in everyone lifestyle but with the help of God through his Servants truly the heart of the berieved can be healed in his name.I come from Kenya, Siaya County.I personally am orphan and understand this situation very well.I am looking for well wisher who can support my orphanage foundation with any thing they can manage to get.

  13. Hey! I am a 19 year old male and have a calling to start an orphanage in Haiti. what do I need to do?

    • I have the same calling but I don’t know what to do either but I start to do some research.

    • Austin Bible Institute is offering an 8 week course that will give the basic introductions to starting a non-profit, such as an orphanage, in developing countries. The class is offered online and will give you a good platform to work from when pursuing your dream to start an orphanage. I’m currently taking the course and it’s awesome! A lot more in depth than a simple 1,2,3 for starting an orphanage. They go into creating a mission and vision, selecting board members and other key leaders, confirming your calling, and registering with the government etc. You should check it out!

      Visit http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/startanorphanage/ to find out more about the course and enroll for the June start-date!

  14. Hai, I am Baranidaran from India. I would like start an Orphanage home. What kind of Rules and Procedure to start an Orphanage home Kindly Instruct and give more details Share for me…

    • Austin Bible Institute has an 8 week course that will give the basic introductions to starting a non-profit, such as an orphanage, in developing countries. The class is offered online and will help you get started in pursuing your dream to start an orphanage. I’m currently taking the course and I like that it goes deeper than just the basics of registering and such. The instructor teaches about creating a mission and vision, selecting board members and other key leaders, confirming your calling, and then the creation and registration processes, etc. You should look into it.

      Visit http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/startanorphanage/ to find out more about the course and enroll for the June start-date!

  15. hello , Davis Francine 23 of age who started an orphanage in my country. we are registered organization with office of registrar in my country. i came cross your site as i was looking for volunteers,partners, donor agencies can you help me find some

    • I would like to help you in any way possible. I am interested in starting an orphanage..but I am just beginning to explore this calling. what can I do to assist you? Send clothing? Come and volunteer possibly? I live in the States, and I’m looking to aid children.

    • Hi Davis

      Where are you based? I am interested in possibly becoming a partner in this wonderful ministry.

      • Hi..m also very interesting to start an orphanage

    • Where are you at?

    • im a 24 year old female from south africa. I dont know where to begin starting an orphanage but I would very much like to work with someone who already is part of this.

  16. Hey there..! am Shagun Roy, a 17 year old girl from India. I recently came across an idea of working for the Indian society as here in my country poverty prevails in all the corner. Right now am looking forward to get trained so that basically after i get graduate i wish to open up my own private orphan and a school for poor people. i know my idea for social welfare is good and helping but i get criticised for it everyday that how a girl can come up with such an entrepreneurial work but trust me i do want to help poor people and orphans because helping them gives me pleasure and happiness to them. i just want your team to help me acknowledge well so that my dream gets fulfilled. thank you :)

    • Hey sargun..can we contact with each other??

    • Where you want to open orphanage?

  17. Hello I am a high school student and I am interested in starting an orphanage when I’m out of college. I was wondering what classes would be most helpful to take while being in college. Please help

    • Austin Bible Institute has an 8 week course that will give the basic introductions to starting a non-profit, such as an orphanage, in developing countries. The class is offered online and will help you get started in pursuing your dream to start an orphanage. I’m currently taking the course and I like that it goes deeper than just the basics of registering and such. The instructor teaches about creating a mission and vision, selecting board members and other key leaders, confirming your calling, and then the creation and registration processes, etc. You should look into it.

      Visit http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/startanorphanage/ to find out more about the course and enroll for the June start-date!

    • What country would you open orphanage?

  18. Hello I am a high school student and I am interested in starting an orphanage when I’m out of college. I was wondering what classes would be most helpful to take while being in college. Please help

  19. i am 20 years old and i wanna start an orphanage.how do i start

    • Hello Omongwe,
      Thank you for sharing your heart and desire to care for orphans. We always like to encourage people to seek proper training before caring for orphans in order to care for them in the best, most effective, and God pleasing way! Whether this be educating yourself through the internet or through reading many books or actually receiving training. If you are interested in some type of training that will better equip you, I strongly suggest for you to check out the only degree and certificate programs that Austin Bible College offer on Orphan Care and Management. http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/academics/certificate-degree-programs/
      Best of luck to you and God Bless!

    • What country?

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    write a little comment to suppoft ƴߋu.

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  21. I am currently in the UK. I’m in my early forties. I’ve always had a passion to care for orphans and currently I’m planning to relocate back to nigeria and care for orphans. All I know is that I need to have a passion for it but other intricacies I do not know and so would need help in that area. Could you pls enlighten me more.

    • Hey Judith,
      Thank you for sharing with us. We are happy that you have come across our blog and hope that the articles have been of benefit to you. Passion is key in serving orphans, and truly attaining any goal, but passion alone will not be enough to care for orphans. We often see people with zeal and passion to care for the fatherless attempt to do so without ever seeking the knowledge to do it the best they can and ultimately the way that God would like us to. We don’t become doctors without doing years and years of training or become a teacher without first educating ourselves so it is important to do the same in orphan care. Seek to be educated on the best orphan care practices; whether that be going to school or just spending an incredible amount of time reading books and blogs.
      I would suggest to you to check out Austin Bible College (www.austinbiblecollege.com) They offer online degree and certificate programs in Orphan Care and Management. This training would help you become more equipped for wherever God may call you on the mission field. Best of luck to you Judith!

  22. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that
    would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    • Follow me on Twitter. @Cule4life_

  23. currently running children,s home .your guidelines will be be much appreciated to improve the homes TQ and GBU

    • James, we are happy to hear that these articles have been a help to you and the work that God has called you to. God Bless!


    • I am interested in this as well. Your friend from South Florida, originally Haiti!!!

      • I also want to open one. I live in NY, but I am from Haiti.

    • Hello Maahi,
      Thank you for sharing with us! You do not have to be a certain age to start an orphanage however orphan care training is highly encouraged. The last thing you want to do is end up hurting orphans when your intentions are to help. If you are interested in receiving training in orphan care Austin Bible College offers online orphan care education.

    • Do you still want to open orphanage?

  25. Hurrah, that’s what I was exploring for, what a
    stuff! present here at this webpage, thanks admin of this web page.

  26. Ahaa, its nice discussion on the topic of this piece
    of writing at this place at this blog, I have read all that,
    so at this time me also commenting here.

  27. Im Parimala from India.lives in Hyderabad.im well educated completed MCA,MSc (math) B.Ed(Math).im teacher in a graduate college, and taking tutions at home for school childrens. im married and my husband supports me.and im a suday school teacher.my father is a church pastor in Guntur dit MangalagirI(www.kpdm.org) this achedamic year i resigned to school.im staying at home but taking tutions at home in evening time.

    I really want to establish my Orphanage home those who not having mom/dad,where numbers of activities will have to be rolled down to them like creativity activities, Bible studies, physical ans psychological education and formal education but i need guidance and support on how to put these ideas to work productively.

    Pray for me and hope ur suggestions/ideas from u.

    Be blessed in JESUS name.

    • Hello Parimala,
      Thank you for sharing with us. We always want to encourage those who want to start an orphanage to seek out training, but especially those who are wanting to travel and start an orphanage outside of their home country. Since you are wanting to start an orphanage in India you know the culture and know the situation in which these orphans live in. The best advice I could give you is to learn from others past mistakes in caring for orphans and do that just by searching on the internet the best practices in orphan care and also learn from those around you and see what is working and what isn’t working for orphanages in the area. Build a support system. You are going to need lots and lots of prayers and financial support will have to be given to so share your heart with everyone you know so that they may become aware of the need and want to join you. Also maybe taking Orphan Care classes online may be of help to you. Austin Bible College (www.austinbiblecollege.com) offers degree and certificate programs in Orphan Care online. I would strongly suggest checking out the education opportunities there. Thanks again for sharing!

    • hello Pari,
      I am esther from India , tamilnadu. I too have the same passion u have. i too like to start an orphanage. if u talk to me i think we can do something. my phone No. is 9751905014. u call me between 10 am to 4 Pm. Me daughter of a pastor. I think we can do better

    • Did youhave any luck in opening an orphanage?

  28. Hello,

    I am Janet from Uganda married with one child. I am an accountant by proffession with with experience in accounting and human resource. I really feel I have the passion and too much love to serve and help orphans because I am also an Orphan so Iknow how it feels to be an Orphan. There are quite a number of children in Uganda that really need our help and I am ready to start an Orphanage in Uganda because Ihave the time to do it and learn more on how to treat them.
    I really need your help in terms of training and finances because these children need shelter, food, medical, clothing, knowing God, interacting with other children without fear, getting good education etc.
    My email adress is jannexes@yahoo.co.uk. and my Tel: is +256775167617. I will be glad to share more about orphanage experience from people who are already serving Orphans and some training and finances to start one. God bless you.

    • Hello Janet, that is great that God has given you that open time and laid it on your heart to spend that time caring for his children. I would strongly suggest to you to always be seeking more knowledge on how to best care for orphans. I would also suggest maybe receiving training. Austin Bible College offers degree and certificate programs in Orphan Care and Management…this may be something you are interested in taking online. For more information visit http://www.austinbiblecollege.com
      This training would help equip you for dealing with the spiritual warfare that goes on so often when pursuing God’s will for our lives and also give you great insight on how to care for orphans in a Godly and biblical way.
      Thanks Janet, best of luck to you as you continue to seek God’s will for your life.

  29. Une fois de plus un poste clairement passionnant

  30. Would like training in starting an orphanage in Mexico.

  31. Hello,

    My name is Christine Dorcus a 24 year old young Ugandan lady single.

    First, am so much happy and appropriate your effort and hearty hard work to help shape the lives of vulnerable and helping others do the same thing you do

    Please be blessed in JESUS name
    Iam a born again grew up in a christian Biblical family and loved the work of supporting and helping when i sow my parents do till now am very passionate about children and vulnerable and i feel my calling is to help and support build their lives and make them productive and responsible.

    I really want to establish my Orphanage home where numbers of activities will have to be rolled down to them like creativity activities, Bible studies, physical ans psychological education and formal education but i need guidance and support on how to put these ideas to work productively by 2015

    Thanks so much for providing this website i value it please email me on cdejang@gmail.com


    • Hello Christine,
      Thank you for sharing with us your heart to provide for orphans. I would suggest to you to continue to research with internet resources the best practices in orphan care. Learn from others mistakes and from others successes. You will find a lot of useful information on this blog page alone, but I encourage you to do even more research online. You may also want to seek out training in orphan care. Austin Bible College (www.austinbiblecollege.com) offers online Orphan Care and Management classes that may be of interest to you. Best of luck to you Christine, and thank you for sharing!

  32. Dr Kenneth Acha… Thanku sir for your information..iam from india..i will complete my course with in two years..so can you help me in anyways?

  33. Hello. I’ve always wanted to start an orphanage, but as of now I’m too young. Seeing as how I’m only 11, I can’t do as much as is needed to start one. Thankfully I found this website and am sure that this will help me a lot. I love being around little kids already and automatically take to many of the kids I meet and become like a sister figure. I’m not really sure of what I can do right, because of my age. Do you have any tips to help?

    • Hello Melody,
      It is awesome that you have this passion at such a young age. We thank God for that and for placing that desire in your heart. For now I would suggest to you to get yourself rooted in the Lord, and ask him to reveal his calling for your life to you. Also surround yourself with wonderful Christian people who are going to encourage you to seek God’s will for your life and who will one day be your supporters. Building a team of prayer and financial supporters will be needed later on. Also continue to gain more knowledge on the best orphan care practices by reading and by looking online like you have been. I am happy that you were able to come across this page, it will provide you with great insight on orphan care. Also, you may consider after high school seeking orphan care education. It is obviously to early now but I will suggest to you Austin Bible College (www.austinbiblecollege.com) which offers degree and certificate programs in orphan care. As of now it is one of the few colleges that offer orphan care training, we hope that this will change in the near future though and that others strive to change the orphan care movement for the better. Thanks for sharing Melody, and best of luck. I hope that the Lord continues to reveal truth to you as you continue to chase after him!

  34. Hi. I have been thinking about starting an orphanage and I came across your website. I would love to receive proper training but I have an issue. I do not believe in God and I do not want my orphanage to be about God. I went to Catholic school all throughout middle school and in sixth grade I decided that I wasn’t buying it. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the possibility that there may be a God but just not the one I learned about. But who really knows anyways? I believe that children should learn about all the different types of religions there are out there and be able to make their own decision of what they want to believe in, instead of having a religion forced on them because it’s all they know. I mean no disrespect, these are just my feelings. My father was very upset when I told him that I don’t believe in his God, but he understands why I feel the way I feel now. I don’t think you have to be religious to be a good and caring person. I know that I am a very loving person and when you love so much you need to give it away, because when you give your love away it doesn’t go away, it grows more. Does what I am saying make sense? Anyways, I guess my question is, is there anyway I could get some type of training that isn’t centered around religion?As I previously stated, I do want to teach my children about religion, but not just one, all different types. I am currently a Communications major but I am seriously thinking about changing it to Early Childhood Education minoring in Religious Studies. Please let me know your thoughts and advice. I really want to contribute to this amazing cause in a very big way. Please, when you respond, do not try to change my mind about my views on religion, I have had my whole life to think about it, and I do think about it all the time. Like I said I grew up in a Catholic setting, and I do believe in the values and morals you have, just not the story. I sincerely hope you do not take any of this offensively. Thank you in advance.
    Brianna Viviani

    • Hello Brianna,
      Thank you for being so polite, open and concerned about my feelings. I’m a medical doctor by training. I’ve had patients of all different types of faith and I teach them to care for themselves and administer care to their children if they are parents.
      I have no problem working with someone who doesn’t share my beliefs at all. I know many of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters may share a different view on this.

      I’ve had an atheist in my class before. The only concern I have for you is that the training is developed in a way that faith is a big part of it. You can certainly learn a lot, but it’s not like faith classes are separated. You would have to go through class times where the entire class is in prayer because we believe that prayer is an important part of caring for orphans.

      If I believe that you could handle going through the training without developing resentment for the program because of the Christian focus, I would have no problem with you.

      I encourage you to call Austin Bible College and talk with one of our counselors.

      • Hi Dr. Acha,
        my husband (Dr. Fopa) and I would like to start an orphanage in Cameroon. where is situated your campus in Cameroon? thank you and God bless.

    • Does the government pick which kids i have in my orphange cuz if possible i want some newborns and toddlers please give me an answer

  35. I am from Chicago. Is there any training out here? What do you recommend?

    • Hello Kathryn,
      First, I want to praise and congratulate you for letting the Holy Spirit work in you to care about serving the poor so much that you desire training! I just love it when that happens. I think we need more people like you. A lot of our brothers and sisters often want to go serve without taking the time to prepare themselves first.

      Austin Bible college offers half of it’s training online. You can start taking some of the courses online even before you get to do the face to face training. We are working on finding ways to partner with local churches all over the U.S. to offer the face to face part of the program in these churches so that people from these other don’t have to move to Austin to do it. But that’s still very very early.

      For now, you will have to do some time in Austin or go straight to Africa and do it there. Please visit: http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/frequently-asked-questions/

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      • Hi I’m really intersested in starting my own orphan I’m only 15 but i feel strongly this is my calling please give me some tips if u have any

        • Hello Autumn,
          It is great that you have a desire to care for orphans at such a young age. Continue to seek out education in caring for orphans; you will find a lot of informative information on this site along with http://www.startanorphanage.org. Also, once you are done with your high school education you may consider studying at Austin Bible College (austinbiblecollege.com). There are many degree options but one that may be in your interest is Orphan Care and Management; you will be able to receive up to a bachelors degree in this program. Thank you Autumn for sharing and I hope the best for you as God continues to direct your steps in caring for orphans!

    • Do i havet to get permission by the goverment or any thing before i build an orphange

      • Hello Autumn,
        Yes, government approval varies depending on the location that you are wanting to start an orphanage.

  36. m really interested to start an orphanage..not nly coz i want to serve others but also i juzt love kids..m to yung to start it now :p now doing btech n after that wll go for mtech..n after getting a job only i want to start..iam sure that if iam starting an orphanage i will get alot of help from my friends.coz 80 percent of them will be engineers soon..so i think now it will be the rite time to strat the training…i dont have any idea about these..plzz do help mee.

    • Thanks Rajesh for your desire to learn. I think getting trained will be very helpful to you. What country do you live in? We offer training online and in Cameroon and the United States. People can take half of our training online.

  37. Could you give me more information about your trainings in Austing? Dates, duration, cost, requirements? Thank you. You could send that to my email if possible!

    • Edith,
      You should check out the college website http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/
      All the information you would want is there! I took some training through this school and am continuing this fall semester and it has changed my life! I am growing spiritually in amazing ways and learning the best ways to care for orphans. I was so wrong in my perspectives before finding this school and, trust me, it will really help you as you try to serve God’s children.

  38. please am in Ghana i really have interest in helping e need i want to manage an orphanage because for now i don’t have money to open one so i want to study about it..please how do i study am in Ghana..

    • Hello Loretta, Thank you for sharing your desire to serve! Currently we only offer training in Austin, TX and in Cameroon, Africa but I would encourage you to look over this site and look at the articles that have been posted(click on “archives” at the top of the page) and you will find a lot of information that will help you better serve orphans! Thank you Loretta!

  39. I am from Nigeria, pls how do i go about with the training. Can I be enlighten more about it. Thanks


      • Hello Wisdom, thank you for your interest in receiving training and serving! We offer missionary training at Austin Bible College located in Austin, TX and we also offer training in Cameroon, Africa. For more information on this training visit: http://www.austinbiblecollege.com or for volunteer opportunities visit: http://www.changevolunteers.org

    • Hello Esther!
      Unfortunately we only offer training in Austin, TX and in Cameroon, Africa currently but this site will inform you on many things that you will need to know in caring for orphans. Thank you for posting Esther; I hope the best for you as you are seeking God’s instruction for your life!

  40. Hi Im currently working at a Primary School as a General Worker,been here made me so passionate to start a Orphanage of my own and to make a difference in the needy’s lives.
    I never knew what my purpose was in live until God open my eyes through a little voice my own daughter she said Ma if we go home 1 day then we must build a church and I couldn’t understand it,but now I know.THATS MY CALLING

    • Thank you for sharing a bit of your story Sueleen! That is great news! I hope the best for you and your families journey and that you continue to be obedient in prayer and to your calling! I hope you find the articles on this page very helpful for your calling. Thanks again Sueleen!

  41. Hi im richelle from philippines..how can i take online classes and training?im really interested please help me.

    • Hello Richelle, thank you for your interest; unfortunately we are unable to offer classes outside of the U.S. and Cameroon, Africa, but I would love to encourage you to take a look around this site for you will find many informative post that will help you in caring for orphans!

  42. Please I need your help, I have a strong passion to help the needy and to open my own orphanage home. Am a model from Milan Italy, but am an African from Nigeria. I have been seeing myself in a dream several times now how I have been helping children in my dreams and I told my mom and man of God , so they told me that God wants me to do something for him.they ask what is it in my mind to do for God I told him that I love to open an orphanage home so he pray for me and told me that is the exact what God wants me to do for him.so my challenges is that I don’t know where to start or what to do. Please I need your help. God bless you

    • Hello Natasha, thank you for sharing your calling with us. I would advise you to keep preparing yourself for this calling my gaining as much knowledge as possible about caring for orphans that way you will be able to fulfill your calling to the best of your ability. I would also suggest you receive training in orphan care; either at http://www.austinbiblecollege.com or through another training program.
      Also Natasha, take a look at some of the articles on this page; they should be very helpful to you. Thanks again for sharing!

  43. How do i gain from your campuses if i want want to undergo training as i see the only African Country mentioned is cameroon only the rest of the African counties not Mentioned, eg i am a Ugandan & would like to open an orphanage in Uganda (Kitgum District), how do i then have acces to your surport and training.

  44. I’m n ophan I would like to attend in Austin bible college I’m intrested pls hlp m out

    • Dear Silborn, please check out our application process at http://www.asutinbiblecollege.com
      Depending on where you are located you may be able to attend.

  45. from the time i was in school i have been having the dream of having an ophanage but how to to start,,i want help

    • Hello Morgan, I would suggest to for you to receive as much information as possible about how to properly care for orphans before you begin. Many people end up hurting orphans because they do not receive training or gain enough knowledge on how to care for these children. Look around this site for more information about orphan care and you may even consider receiving training. If you would be interested in receiving orphan care training I would suggest to you Au!

  46. I am a high school student with a dream. Which classes could I take now to help me fulfill that later on?

    • Dear Tia,
      If your dream is to care for orphans and evangelize I would strongly suggest you to check out Austin Bible College (www.austinbiblecollege.com). I am currently a student at the school and while I am only in my first semester, it has been a true blessing in many ways. I am learning to become more like Christ and learning the right way to go about my passion to serve orphans. I hope this helps Tia, and I wish the best for you and following your dream.

  47. I’ve been moved by God to start an orphanage in Haiti since spending five weeks working at a field hospital just outside of Port au Prince right after the earthquake in 2010.
    The Holy Spirit is prompting me to once again step out in Faith.
    My question is, where do I start and am I too old? I’m nearly 60. I strongly believe God is directing me in this path. I could use your advice and direction.

    • Dear Phil,
      My name is Danielle, and I am responding in place of Dr.Ken today. First off, thank you for sharing what God has laid on your heart with us, it is greatly appreciated. Secondly you are not too old, just the right age to start something great and be an awesome, encouraging mentor to others. I myself felt called to start an orphanage, and like you and many others my main question was where do I begin? It is most definitely a wise decision for you to seek training in specifically orphan care and gain as much knowledge of the area that you feel called to start an orphanage or serve orphans in. I myself served in Haiti on several short term mission trips, my first trip being in 2009, so the year before the earthquake. Haiti and the beautiful people of Haiti have been a true blessing in my life, as I am sure they have been for you. Haiti is also where I knew that God had called me to be a missionary and specifically serve his precious children. I came to this website just like you trying to find answers, knowing that I didn’t have the slightest clue on where to begin, and through this website I found Austin Bible College(which I currently attend), and no you are not too old to go back to school. We truly welcome families and any ages to come and receive training and fellowship with an awesome team. Training is only 8-16 weeks long(depending on your circumstances) and it teaches you what it means to truly live and die for God’s Glory. Many people (most) go to serve in our orphanage in Cameroon, Africa or serve with one of our other partnering orphanages in the surrounding area once they have completed training so it truly is a unique and wonderful learning experience! Also if you are a reader, I would suggest for you to read the book “When Helping Hurts” if you haven’t already. It is an extremely insightful read that will transform your ways and ideas of helping into ways that are pleasing to God. Once again, thank you for sharing, and I wish you the best in pursuing God’s will for your life!

  48. I have passion for nurturing the young people for God’s purpose.i used to organize bible club for children in a charity home in Nigeria but now i’m having a desire to start an orphanage .so how do i get started

    • Hello Joy,
      I would suggest that you read over this website and gather as much information as you possibly can. I would also suggest that you receive some sort of training from and organization whether it is with Austin Bible College or elsewhere.

  49. where in austin is your training at, i live close to austin and i am interested in attending, thank you. gary

    • Hello Gary,
      Our training is located here in Austin, Texas at 7901 Cameron road.

  50. Hi my name s Nandi,I hv worked wth childrens n orphans though the tym I spent wth them ws nt long enough to realise hw hard it s to look aftr them.I jst gt ths luv 4 them now I wanna open orphanage in my location I reside in South africa.Where cn I gt a trainn here bcz I cn c the comment r onli for ppl in US etc Thnk you.

    • Hello Nandi,
      I would suggest that you search your local area to see what orphanages there are or organizations near you that you could train with. You are always welcome to train with us at our orphanage base in Cameroon through Austin Bible College if you so desire!

  51. hi ,sir……..actually its my dream to open an orphanage in chd in india………but i dont have a knowledge about this………so plz help me for this……..i will be very thankful to u………………………..

    • Hello Kusum,
      The best thing that you can do to gain knowledge is to work with an organization that can provide you training in your area. Getting experience is very valuable. I also suggest that you look over everything on this website to gain other information and knowledge as well.

  52. If I desire to take classes from Austin, can I take it overseas through the online class?
    Are there more bible institutes that I can go to to take these classes?
    thank you

    • Hello Rachel,
      We currently do not offer online classes although we hope to sometime in the future. I would also research schools in your area that may allow you to take classes similar to the ones we offer if you can not attend Austin Bible College.

  53. Hello I have just started the orphanage in Ghana and I want to get adequate skills and knowledge to serve

    • Hello Ebenezer,
      You are welcome to contact our college admissions team at admissions@glorybiblecollege.com
      They would be happy to get you started on the process of getting further training!

  54. Hi,

    I have the calling to start an orphanage, i am nigerian and i live in abuja, please i need further info on how to join this online collège

    • Hello Esther,
      Unfortunately at this time we are not doing distance or online education. In order to receive training through Austin Bible College you would have to receive training at our base in Cameroon.

  55. Hi
    I desire to start an orphanage in Zimbabwe ,have no training and believe in educating myself along this area .How may i train with you I live in Ireland at the moment.

    • Hello Maria,
      Currently we only have the ability to train those internationally who are from the continent of Africa at our base in Cameroon. However, while training may not be practical with us you may find an organization in your area that would allow you to train.

  56. Someday, by the grace of our LORD GOD, I will also put up an Orphanage here in the Philippines.

  57. Hi Dr. Ken, i really have this passion of running an orphanage and helping out the needy in Nigeria, and my joy is that am in the right place, but the challenges now is on how to be trained, how to start it and all it will take. Am a graduate still serving, i need people of like minds to put me through on this, what do i do?

    • Hello Grace,
      I would suggest that you receive some sort of training either through us at Glory Bible College or through another organization that offers it. This way you will have the ability to serve the children and the kingdom of God effectively.

  58. Hello,

    Dr. Ken, you are indeed a blessing to society, God is using you to help those of us who has a good heart but do not know how to apply it correctly, God Bless You.

    My heart cries for orphans as well as brilliant but needy children. My husband and I have a school and we have offered both full and half scholarship to a lot of students’ right from nursery to Junior High Secondary school. Most of them have completed and as of now, we have 37 pupils who are on full scholarship and 19 on half scholarship.

    I am also taking full responsibilities of 8 orphans, 4 of them are leaving with me, I’m sponsoring 2 orphans who are living with their old ground mums in a vocational training and I have set 2 other orphans in small businesses just to mention a few. This passion made me to set a SMART goal and prayed to God to help me start an orphanage at age 40.

    I am now 40 years old and God has giving me a parcel of land. For me, I feel the time is now but unfortunately I’m a banker and have no training on how to care and solicit funds for large number of orphans. My passion is so high that I am ready to quit my current job and focus on the orphanage. What do you think?

    • Hello Mabel,
      Thank you for sharing about your vision and what you are doing. My first suggestion, and the best thing you could do, is pray. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance to lead you to what he would have you to do. Seek him above all else because he can give you far better advice and guidance then I. I would then suggest that if this is what God would have you to do that you would receive some sort of training either through Glory Bible College or another similar organization so that you can serve the Lord most effectively on the journey he has put you on. Thanks again for sharing!

      • Thanks Bencraiq

        How do I start the online Glory Bible College and what are the requirements.
        I would be grateful if you could send me the prospectus through my email address.

        God Bless You

        • Hello Mabel,
          Right now we do not offer online classes. We hope to in the future but right now it isn’t possible. We have two locations that we train people, Austin, Texas and Cameroon. In order to train with us you would have to go to one of those bases depending on where you lived.

  59. i am 24 and i want to start my own ophange…in zambia…i have a dream of having an international ophanage were it will not only have zambians but all races…i cant manage to be trained in cameroon at the moment…how best can you help me

    • Hello Kangwa,
      The best way that we could help you at this time would be to read over all of the information in the blog here. It would then be recommended to you to receive some sort of training through a program or organization. If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to post them so they can be answered! God Bless!

  60. I’m 20 years old. I know I’m young but the love that I believe is only a gift from god is so deep. I know the lord has called me to open an orphanage in Ireland.however I only have my GED how can I get the training I need to do this

    • Hello Tiffamy,
      I would suggest that you find a training program in your area. Many times you can find organizations that are planting orphanages somewhere in your area and you could partner with them to receive training. If you are currently a resident in the US or in Africa you could consider our training program which would help you achieve what God has placed on your heart. God Bless!

  61. Good day to you,
    I am a sunday school teacher with a vision
    I dream of building a good Christian school or orphanage for poor and needy children in Cairo-Egypt
    I thought if you would like to have help me in Egypt to share in this vision
    Or at least help me with your experience. I pray that Jesus would guide us


  62. Hello,
    Am a young man from Ghana, I lead an outreach team which have one of its major wings to feed the poor and the needy in rural areas. By God’s grace we have done this for the past four years. I have received a prophecy that I am going to feed the poor. That has been my thought and passion for years. I have secured 3plots of land to start the orphanage project but I have paid for one plot and I have not been able to pay for the rest of the two. I have a deadline of December 2013 to finish paying for the remaining 2plots.

    I equally believe that I need training. Therefore, I want to ask and humbly appeal, if u could help sponsor my training and also help me with funds to pay for the 2plots of land.
    thank you and God bless you for the opportunity. +233 244 053940

    • How much are the plots & what is the currency?

  63. how long does the training usually last?(on campus and online) and how old do you have to be to start training?

  64. hello im from South Africa and i wana start an orphanage

    • Hello Pamela,
      As per the article, we highly recommend that you receive some sort of training whether through Austin Bible College or another organization. This will help you to serve orphans effectively and in turn serve the kingdom of God effectively.

  65. What type of training would I need? What degree would I need to get? What would my training be called if I looked for it at other Christian collages?

    • Hello Hannah,
      At this point in time Austin Bible College offers different types of training. You could choose to receive a 1 year certificate, 2 year associates, or 4 year Bachelors in any of our three programs; Biblical studies, Orphanage Care and Management, and World Missions and Evangelism. Here is a link that hopefully can help answer any further questions you may have. http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/academics/certificate-degree-programs/

  66. July 20, 2013 at 4:00 am
    Am really grateful for the effort you are putting in to help orphanages and people with dreams of orphanages. I have always been having children come in my care at home several years until this year when I started having dreams of many children under my care.With this, I perceive that God wanted me to start an orphanage home and as there is no orphanage home in our area despite the growing number of orphans, I need your help before I start.

    Uganda East Africa.

    • Hello Nabalema,
      The best place for you to start would be for you to receive some sort of training whether it is through Austin Bible College’s campus in Cameroon or another organization is up to you. This will allow you to gain the knowledge and complete understanding of everything you would need to know as well as the training that you would need to serve God most effectively.

  67. Am really grateful for the effort you are putting in to help orphanages and people with dreams of orphanages. I have always been having children come in my care at home several years until this year when I started having dreams of many children under my care.With this, I perceive that God wanted me to start an orphanage home and as there is no orphanage home in our area despite the growing number of orphans, I need your help before I start.

  68. Assalamuailaikum dear brothers and sisters,
    My name is Amrah from Nigeria. i intend to open an orphanage and medical centre in my community in shaa Allah…i will like to take the course offered in ur college to acquire more knowledge and how to execute my project properly my only issue is as a muslim does this mean i can drop some of the courses that have biblical studies attached to it or i take it as it is…. with due respect or pls what do you suggest for me? because i have gone through the course line and find it very interesting and will like to apply

  69. can i pls know the tuition fees for glory bible college

    • Hello Ishmail,
      Where are you from? This will help me determine what campus you will be attending should you choose to receive training from Glory Bible College and thus tell you what the tuition cost would be.

  70. Thank u for dis.Pls how do I go about the online training?I am from Nigeria nd I intend 2 start 1 by God’s grace.pls help.thanks.

    • Hello Ajibade,
      At this time Glory Bible College does not offer any online training. Our international campus is located in Cameroon where international students would need to attend to receive training at this time.

    • Hello Ajibade,
      At this time Glory Bible College does not offer online classes. The campus in Cameroon is currently the only place where international students can go to receive training at this time.

  71. I have always had a thing when it came to raising a child. I was brought where my mother was a child care provider so I grew up caring for kids. I would like to know how I can start an orphange her in Miami!

    • Hello Darcia,
      As stated in the previous comment above, my advise to you would be to receive some sort of training whether it be through Glory Bible College or someone else. This way you will have more knowledge on how to fill the needs and how to serve the Lord most effectively.

  72. I have always been a working mother and never thought that would change, until I lost my 3 month old baby girl to SIDS in 2011. My world and life changed, all I want to do is be with my children all the time. I want to help children that don’t have anyone to help them! God has put this on my heart, I know that I am suppose to be helping children I just need guidance on how to start. My heart breaks when I see children abused and uncared for… Can you point me in the direction and maybe give me some suggestions on starting my own orphanage?

    • Hello Stephanie,
      One thing that we always advise to people in your position is to receive some sort of training whether it is through Glory Bible College or through another organization. This way you would be equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to go and serve the Lord effectively.

  73. I would like to know whether you have a training centre in South Africa, Zimbabwe or Mozambique.

    • Hello David,
      Currently at this time the only training center located outside the US is in Cameroon. So unfortunately we don’t have a training center at any of those locations. However, you may be able to find another organization that does.

  74. Good day.
    i have thais impression on my heart this other day that I shoad start an orphanage. I live in Zimbabwe and there are many orphanages around. I do not have resources but I know that if it is God’s calling He is true to see it through. I have not had any real passion for children but this impression has made me to look deep through prayer. How can I put this calling into reality?

    • Hello Pauline,
      Thanks for your post. The Bible enjoins all of us to speak the TRUTH in LOVE. If I don’t tell you exactly what I think is the truth, then I am not acting in love. Euphemisms and politically correct language doesn’t usually do good. I’m not God, only a growing Christian. But I think the truth is that you may need to do a little more work to make sure it’s God calling you. An impression doesn’t constitute a calling. A passion doesn’t constitute a calling. I may have a passion for eating, for playing football (soccer), for golf… but that doesn’t mean I’m called to do that. Also, there are many orphanages in your community like you said. Why don’t you support one of the existing ones. I bet they need your help. If you simply start yours, wouldn’t you be in need of people just like they are? I’m not insinuating that God cannot call you to do something that is already being done. God can totally do that. The truth that I’ve realized in my own life is that selfishness and competition motivates many of the ‘good’ things that I want to do. If selfishness motivates it, then God doesn’t take glory for it. Satan does.
      Please, check your calling first.

  75. am a student am still dependin in my parents but i av passion for starting an orphange. i dont know how to start. do i need to av a lot of money to start? how do i raise the funds. an clueless

    • Hello Sarah,
      I admire your desire to start an orphanage. However, I don’t know if the time is right for you to start thinking about doing it. The desire may be from God. If so, some patience may be needed on your part. If you are still depending on your parents, then how can you care for someone else? The prerequisite for caring for someone else is that a person be independent. If you are not able to support yourself and three to five orphans with your own money and resources without help, I would advice you to strongly pray and make sure that God is calling you to start an orphanage NOW. Later, maybe, not now. Otherwise you may become the beggar who is begging for yourself and for others.

  76. How can i start the training online please

    • Hello Judith,
      Visit Glory Bible College and apply: Click here:
      Glory Bible College

  77. Have always have the passion and feelings of setting up an orphanage. Due to that, have been helping children who needs help so much. My heart cries anytime i see a child crying and there is no help… Please how can i start an orphanage to help those children. I,m a person of 21yrs of age and i,m in Ghana

  78. Hey am in kenya i hv lived in an orphanage for 13yrs now am out i hv the passion to start an orphanage bt i cnt go cameroon what can i do?

    • Hello Patrick, I thank God for using an orphanage to bless you and now for putting it in your heart to start an orphanage to bless others. Training is vital. Face-to-face training is the best option. However, if it’s not possible for you, Glory Bible College offers online training. However, all our training programs require an internship in a well-run orphanage. So you can still take classes online and then we will help you identify a good orphanage to intern in. Glory’s website is:
      Glory Bible College

  79. Hi Ken! I will be moving to Nicaragua within the next year. I have been feeling a strong pull/urge to start an orphanage…but like you mentioned in your article, I have no training or experience with this at all. I know there is need for this in Nicaragua, and I do have a good support system there. I will look into your online classes, but what other advice can you give me to better prepare? I think you mentioned interning at an orphanage? I think that is a great idea! I have never even been to an orhpanage, so I should definitely get a feel for it first. What else would you suggest?
    Thanks for your help! and continue the great work you do!

    • Hello Andi,
      I responded to another post of yours and gave some ideas there. To recap: 1) I highly recommend training 2) I highly recommend doing an internship in a WELL RUN orphanage. I will be doing some articles in which I give more advice.
      Add your email to the right of the page to get all that sent to you.

  80. how can i take the online trainning.. but i would like the face to face class trainning but going to cameroon is a vary big challenge. do you have any other face to face tranning? pls help thanking you.

    • Hello Glory,
      Thanks for your question. Isn’t it interesting that your name is Glory and you could be getting training from Glory Bible College?
      Unfortunately, we have face to face training only in Cameroon. In the future, we would support our graduates who want to start training schools in their own countries so that there are more of them. My honest advice to you will be to do everything you can to attend classes face-to-face in Cameroon. A lot of work in ministry is caught, not taught. However, we have online training available for people who just can’t make it.
      Thanks for your question.

      • Hi! My name is Dexter Williams, I have worked in the Mental Health field for 8 years. The first 6 years I worked with juveniles with mental and behavioral problems. The last 2 years I worked with adults and older teens. During these experiences, I have grown to have a passion to further my need to help more children around the world. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. And we live in Charlotte NC, my wife (Envi) is from Sierra Leone. Envi has a Bachelor’s in nursing and she is currently in her last semester of Med school, before she start clinical practice. We are living in Nevis Island, while she is attending Medical School. We recently saw a property that would be perfect for an Orphanage. The moment I saw it, I had a vivid image of an Orphanage. I expressed to my wife about pursuing the idea. I would love to receive information, in reference to starting an Orphanage. Thanks!My email: dexterwilliams436@yahoo.com

      • Hello Sir,

        I am from India I would like start an Orphanage home.Now I have this thought,I didn’t have money and support.But that is my life dream to start an orphanage home.I don’t want to see as an child to be an orphan.please send me your valuable suggestions to my Email mangalakshmi.n@gmail.com.

  81. Comment How can I be trained? I want to start in Zambia.

    • Hello Eddie,
      Thanks for your question. Glory bible College can provide training.

      • According to Glory Bible College’s website, they do not offer any of their programs distant ed, so what other training opportunities exist?

        • Hello Nichole,
          We currently have to campuses that rain students. The one in the US is located in Austin Texas and the international one is located in Cameroon. Both of these campuses offer classes and training.

  82. how can i be trained? where will the tranning be. I run an orphanage in Nigeria.

    • Hello Glory,
      Thanks for your question. I’m a faculty at Glory Bible College. The college can train you. You can take classes online from Nigeria or you may go to our Cameroon campus and attend there face to face. The college has some scholarships for people who are not able to pay the entire tuition.

      • how long is the training courses Sir? i am from Malaysia. i am in zero now..but i want to start from here to glorify Him in my life. for sure, i would faced the fees problem in my situation now.. for now i would like to gain as much information according this courses.

        • Hello Kim, I am currently a student at Austin Bible College and the you can find out more information on the courses offered at http://www.austinbiblecollege.com. If you are wondering specifically about the missionary training it is 16 weeks of class. Good luck to you as you continue to live a life that glorifies His name.

    • Hello i m a full time factory worker living from check to check holding on to faith that things are going to change, i’m also paying on a old student loan how can I afford to take this class . i have done foster care in the pass for 6 yrs but I took a break . I enjoying working with children and changing their lives. I just don’t know where to start but to renew my license for foster care.

      • Hello Shavonne,
        Thank you for sharing with us. I hope the best for you as you continue to pray for God to provide for you financially and to provide you with another opportunity to reach out and be a positive influence in the lives of children. Check out more information on the cost of courses and work study opportunities at Austin Bible College (www.austinbiblecollege.com).

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